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Malibu – threatens the threat to the vei


Updated: Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian West, Ryan Wilson and Melissa Etheridz are forced to leave their homes due to threats to Maliba, Kalabasa and Thousands Oaks.

The Malibu house of Keithlin jener was destroyed by the knife. There are a number of Hollywood movies, such as Ellenpompio, Cindy's Crawford, and Marius Carsez.

Executives from many celebrities and executives from Hollywood have been sent to Malibu.

On Friday evening Lady Gaga posted the story of her brain.

Credit: Instagram / Lady Gaga

Credit: Instagram / Lady Gaga

Credit: Instagram / Lady Gaga

"The prayer for the art of Califas," wrote the Kardashian West in a Staggom Story. "It was just 1 hour for me to get out of our house and get out at home, and I'm safe for everyone."

Kurdui Khardashian & # 39; s Instrument & # 39; The character of the protagonist responded to the state of emergency: "Everybody is kept safe from the fire and there is no artistic bum on the night."

Kurtney Kardashian Instagram Fire

Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The Cardashian West was later updated on Twitter, when the fire flames were hit by a hideout in the Hills, where the fire was found.

The tweet was tweeted, "Fire is jealous".

Mark Hamm writes that the flames were near his house.

Over 20 million people fly to southern California from Friday to Friday's Red Flag.

Kim Kardashian Fire Story

Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Smith had posted several videos in his Instagram Story. He said that his home was about eight miles away. "It's very scary," he said. "We're ready to leave immediately after we get this word and if you're in an empty area, go now."

Credit: Instagram / Will Smith

Credit: Instagram / Will Smith

Wilson tweeted, he was forced to evacuate, his pigs and dogs were right. He asked for prayers for a thousand axes. He said that the area is now under attack by forests.

The Guillermo del Terro escaped from his homeland, where a huge gig reminder is collected.

MGM TV Mark Burnett, chairman and his wife Producer actress Roma Domeni escaped from Malibu residents. After 9 hours, a photo was posted that smoked. He was returning home with two of his dogs on the Pacific coastal highway.

Melissa Etheridge was forced to flee, and she tweeted that Santa is safe in Monica.

Scott Derexon, director of "Doctor Strang", tweeted that he had collapsed on his fire. He said he was safe.

& # 39; Wolf Wolf & # 39; Army Vice & # 39; Actor Lyndon Ashby tweeted on Twitter.

Alissa told Milan.

Edwin McClintock, known for his work on "bonus" and "shooter", tweeted "old things" in the old Agora.

"History of alcoholism" was stopped by the comedy central series from the fire, as the Host Derek Waters posted on Instagram.

Orlando Bloom was on the scene with a fiery fire near his street.

Sony Pictures Entertainment to employees located in the city or family send following memories: "all of the SPE's employees and the local authorities in Los Angeles suggest that you follow the safety guidelines and guidance to emergency management agencies. Priority to your safety and well-being. All the workers Inc. We encourage you to take the time necessary precautions to ensure the security of nalute, working from home, if necessary. "

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