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Mark Wahlberg will replace Avengers Chris Evans in the new film


Sony Pictures Entertainment's & # 39; All the Money in the World & # 39; Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of

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With Avengers: Endgame Nike Kris Evans emerges from the next film, it seems that Oscar-nominated Mark Whalhlberg can be set in place.

Accepted from the novel of 2009 Reincarnation papers, Director Antoine Fuqua (Not to be known Training day) Closing the movie again Infinity Evans had scrapped his involvement a few weeks ago due to timely scheduled issues (via The Hollywood Reporter).

He said that he is retiring after all …

Chris Evans as Captain America


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So, what is it? Infinity All about?

It is centered on the collection of nearby humans who have been reborn for centuries and are usually & # 39; infinity & # 39; Known as. However, there is an evil mastermind at work and the group must rely on a man suffering from schizophrenia (played by Wahlberg) to defeat this villain.

This man is haunted by reckless dreams, which becomes his memories of past life. So, if he learns how he manages this dream and uses them as a fountain of knowledge, he gives them benefit over the enemy.

Mark Vahlberg leaves Sean Digignem

Warner Bros.

Fortunately for us, Wahlberg has a world-saving action movies (acting in two of them) Transformers Entries), so feel like a suitable replacement for Evans.

But if you look back on Evan's big screen it's ridiculous, that's it Red Sea Diving Resort In development

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