Friday , March 31 2023

McAvah Ground Preil Sophia Floresch 172m World | News


Sophia Floreshe, a young girl, lost her control. The track collapsed at a function in China.

The video shoot shows Mr Floreshan's car carrot before tapping into a landlocked landmark and photographer.

However, the German driver traveled 171.6 million at that time, and the terrorist collapsed.

Smart Flora posted a Twitter account following the blast that left him seriously injured.

She said: "I wanted to let everyone know that I got better but would go to the surgery tomorrow morning.

"Thank you very much about me @ fi and @hwaag_official @ MercedesAMGF1.

"Thank you for all supporting messages and update soon."

A 17-year-old woman said she was undergoing surgery.

Ms Floersch said: "The medical team intentionally works to avoid accidents.

"Surgery of the past surgery is good and can not be difficult, and the surgery that started this morning continues."

Thanks to 17-year-old children who "have relatively slight cuts".

Van Amersfourt's racing tweet says: "Today our team at MacauGP is a very difficult day.

"When the whole world saw what happened, we can thank God only when Sophia fluxesch flew with relatively slight cuts.

"Going back to other people involved with our thoughts and we want a quick recovery."

Another driver, one Marshall and two photographers came to the hospital.

Japanese driver, Shu Suboi, entered the hospital. Marshal Chan Chau caused a stroke.

Photographer Minami Hurricane had an irritability and another photographer, Chan Vengo Wang, without losing the liver.

The Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee said: "All are traveling to hospital as a result of awareness and are now taking medical treatment."

Other racing drivers have sent their best wishes to Ms Floersch.

Mike Schumacher, son of son Shakeshor, said: "I hope everyone is right after this accident, and they just got better recovery."

British driver Jenson Button added: "Sophie is a repressor in Florence, but it's probably worse for me to see the danger that today's tragedy can be traced to in Makkah." #GetwellsoonSophia.

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