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News read: Fines anti-fraud crime


It was in 1988. He was a college student from Ethiopia. His friends were expelled from his apartment, standing next to their car, and a group of color brains linked to a neo-Nazi group.

An attacker broke a window with a tank and a baseball bat. When his friends tried to intervene, blacks suppressed their hands, baseball bats, and steel-toed boots.

Sereo, just 28, died. There was a son in Ethiopia.

We filed a lawsuit for his family, and we argued with the notorious Nós-Nice and Tom Mitzer, led by the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), because of the skin color of his skin. Handicrafts ward ward has been appointed. After the murder, Medzor praised them for their "citizenship." We received a $ 12.5 million zurd ward with the WAR.

The hatred is now living in Portugal as he announced a Congressional announcement to honor Sera after 30 years of his death on 13 November 1988.

"The years after the death of Mulugata, a genocide in Oregon, was over," US senator Ron Wydon told Origonian Congress resolution. "In May 2017, two women who went through the MAX Light Railway in Puerto Rico declared themselves to be hijab, and three of them defended women against racism and Islamophobia, stabbed the culprit, killing two of them."

This week, the FBI released annual annual crimes of crime. In terms of buses, 7,175 crimes were increased in 2017. This is a five year hike in 2016.

Nevertheless, the MAX Light Railroad attack in Portland, mentioned by Wyden, died on May 26, 2017 of Ricky John Best, Talisin Murdin Namkai Meki.

Srinivas Kuchiphottala died on February 22, 2017 in a bar in Cancas.

The FBI does not consider the death of a severe illusion at the Sholottusville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, in the Olga Right Writ.


Majority of objective crimes are not counted. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are about 250,000 people each year. There are a number of reasons for greater conflicts. Firstly, studies show that only the police are reporting half of all crimes. Secondly, the FBI also rely on 18,000 local enforcement agencies to forward their data to the federal government. Because the system is volunteer, most people do not. Moreover, data does not specify precise crimes. In addition, the definition of hate crimes varies greatly from many states.

The Arab United Nations and our partners in the Sikh community have responded that there is a disagreement between the outlook for the FIA ​​and the events that we know last year. In addition, the FBI also re-displays the latest number of hate crimes.

As far as white racist extremism as we have seen in Pittsburgh and Kentucky, serious crime is serious and growing.

In his rhetoric that honors Sera in 30th The anniversary of his brutal death, Wideen, was calling us all to speak disdainfully. "Recently Horrific Racial Activity Across India"

"Our White House has no place in our country," wrote Wyden.

We need more leaders to take the internal threat of verbal nationality seriously. As the Tramin predecessors did, the viral crimes are denying terrorism and lunch.

It is dependent on people like mulugata sera.

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