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Nigerian Airlines is the oldest plain of Africa


<! – Dana Air is the Grand Dadiani of Nigeria Airlines. Several airplanes should be retired on a flight in a collection of 28.1 years

Dana Air is the Grand Dadiani of Nigeria Airlines. In a collection on a collection of 28.1 years old, many plans were to be retired

Among the airlines in Nigeria are the lowest airlines. For the next 28.1 years, one of the airlines will retire from the aircraft, retiring for a few years or retirement.

The African Airlines fleet of Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Africa's oldest, Rwandrer, Royal Air Maroc and Kenya Airways is an average of 11.4 years to 5.8 years. Rwandear, founded in 2002, has the youngest age of African Airlines with an average age of 7.1 years.

A random check of the Nigerian airline's flat shows that Avic Air, a low-flying airline, has an average of 11 years. Dana's airline, launched in November 2008, is the largest flat of the McDonald Douglas MD-80. It is still 28 years old and a month old.

According to data provided by plainpoters, the Dana Air airlines are not capable of traveling in the sky. At present, six aircrafts, all MD-80s, operate at least 5 N-BKI in October 2014. Now it's 22.3 years old. Another flight on the ship, 5N-SAI, is 28.1 years old.

Air peace, with a fleet strength of 20 flights an average of 19 years. 13 Boeing 737, 22.3 Years Age, 2 Boeing 777 and Average Age of 18.1 Years But in the Boeing 737-500 collection, two men aged between 25 and 26 years. One of them is owned by July 2014 and December 2014. However, air peace is a subgroup of four embraer AGJ-145, the age of 19 years of air samadhi hoop.

Medvik, founded in 2007, has five airports, all boing models. The average age for Boeing 777-200 (5 N-BV), 16.7 years, Boeing 767, 23.6 years and Boeing 737-400 is 20.9 years.

Asman Air Services, which landed in 2010, have four aircrafts. The average age is 20.9 years. Two Boeing 737-300 aircraft and two Boeing 737-500 aircraft are 20.9 years.

Max Air, which entered Nigeria's domestic airlines this year, has six planes, an average of 20.4 years. Everest-Imgei 145 is below the age of 10 and the airbase is 20 years and above.

AirAir Control, which is the youngest airline in Nigeria, has 11 airports. These include nine Boeing 737, an average age of 26.5 years and a 17.8-year-old D-Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8 aircraft. This aircraft was founded in 1959 and is named AMCON, aka Airy Air. Banks have a big debt.

In October 2006, Eric Air arrived in the turbulent airports of Nigeria and used the Together airliner to work with new aircraft. So new orders were ordered. In 2006, four new Bombardier CRJ-900s were introduced. Now they are 12.6 years old. The rice says it bought a new Bombardier CRJ-100 in 2014. Now five years old. 13 Boeing 737, an average age of 12.1 years, an Airbus A340 and 10.4 years.

At the Ethiopia airports in Nigeria, Air India flights have 104 directives. The average airline companies are 5.8 years. Airlines initiated in 1945 gave 108 orders for four flights. Ethiopian Airlines uses 23 Boeing 787 Dream Linees. The average age is 3.4 years, average age of 5.2 years, 26 years of age 737, 7.9 years average age, nine airbus 350, 5.4 years old average age 1.4 years, and 23 DHC-8 dash 8. The oldest in the luxury aircraft in Addis Ababa is the six Boeing 767. It's 16.3 years old.

Kenya Airways has a fleet size of 39. The average age is 6.8 years. Nairobi has 12 Boeing 737, 10 Boeing 777 and three Boeing 777. The 4.7 year old Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 4.1 years old and 15 MBRRDE 190.

The Royal Air Marrok 51 aircraft and the average age of 11.4 years were established in 1957. Boeing 737, 12.3 years, five Boeing 787 Dream Linear, 2.8 years and four Hebrews ARJ-90 are four years old.

The average age of South Africa Airways is 11 years. The average age of 21 Airbus A-320 and A-330 is 4.7 years. There are 16 Airbus A340's airplanes on average, 15 years old and seven Airbus 319 USS. The oldest Boeing 737 is 27.5 years old.

There are 13 airplanes for Pan-Africa desires like Ethiopian, South African Airways and Royal Air Maroc. There are two Airbus A330 models. Six Boeing 737, two Airbus A 330 and two Bombardier CRJ-99 are 7.1 years. 11.5 years old D Havin Canada DHC-8 Dash 8 is much older than many aircrafts flying in Nigeria.

A study carried out by the IATA ordered SGI aviation for an average retirement age of the airport is 32.5 years and a Passenger Flight 25.1 years.

Study shows that airlines are usually governed by many principles. – In the period between 20 and 30, half of the aircraft used for commercial use will be retired. All commercial flights are 17% of retirement. Travelers are tens of thousands more passenger airplanes.

The average retirement age of airlines in the 1980-84 period increased from 18.8 to 29.4 during 2005-2009.

In the last six years, the retirement age has fallen to 27.6. Oil prices have increased in the first half of 2010.

According to another report, some of the factors related to retirement in aircraft are pressurisation cycles, more than one hour of flight and fuel efficiency.

The Boeing 747 has 35,000 pressure cycles flying and flying 135,000 to 165,000 hours. Prior to commencement of metals, service for 27 years retired.

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