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Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are at the ATP finals


Beat eight men in ATP final in London (Picture: Getty / Metro)

The ATP finals will start in London on Sunday. There are two players in the final match of the season.

Novak Djokovic (20) and Grand Slam champion Roger Federer are the world number five.

Federer, Alexander Suarev, Kevin Anderson, Marin Silicon and Dominic Theme will be the eighth in the rankings.

Cain Nichouraire and John Isner urged Rafael Nadal of the injured, Juan Martin Del Potro to withdraw.

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The favorite of the tournament is the one who won the last two Grand Slams. If he does so, he will win his fifth ATPP final.

Federer, who was considered one of the best players in history, decides to end a high mixed season by denying another victory for his opponent.

Is not it just a horse horse? Here, we know more about the players who want to get upset in London.

Group Gogo Creston

Alexander Savar

Germany has a big future ahead of him (Picture: Gati)


Age: 21

Nationality: German

Ranking: 5

Career Names: 9

Best Grand Slam result: French Open and QF

ATP Final Record: 1-2


As one of the world's most rated young players, Suarez is not stranger to controversy.

For the last two years, a 20-year-old Nicaire, who has won the Grand Slam title, has retained the title.

Maybe it might be a time when Germany declared itself at a large stage. It is surprising that once in France one Major quarterfinal finals, considering his talents and design on the ATP tour events.

His moment in the slam will be uncertain. However, in London this week, a statement against sports officials could be done.

Last month, he reached the quarterfinals of Surrey Paris Masters in the semi-finals of Shangneh and Bazol, defeating Caron Khabanot.

The excitement of the SUV's fans is in front of the field of Owen 2. But he will think about the intensity of cann's getting a chance of getting a chance.

Marilyn CILIC

The former US Open and the Wimbledon finalist are also dangerous (Figure: Gati)


Age: 30

Nationality: Croatian

Ranking: 7

Career Names: 18

Outstanding Grand Slam result: US Open, Ww

ATP Final Record: 1-8


At the age of 30, she saw it. In addition to Federer and Joachim, he is the best experienced and respected player of the lineup.

Yet Cilic and ATP finals are a winning combination.

Croat Gambin won one of the nine games in a row in three consecutive seasons and lost by Andy Murray, Thomas Berdych and Jack Sack. Is this a factor this week? Maybe

However, more reasonable anxiety is the overall form of Kilik. When he reached the quarterfinals in Fland Meadows, he lost five out of eight games.

Jocovic scored centuries in Paris and tried to wake up the Serbian Mahindra.

Silicin will try to deal with Zverev, who does not go uninstalled, in particular – especially in case of injuries, dangerous, but erratic Isner.


America owns the best service in the field (Picture: Gati)


Age: 33

Nationality: American

Ranking: 10

Career Names: 14

Best Grand Slam Competition: Wimbledon, SF

ATP Final Record: 0-0


Rafael Nadal had suffered a major setback in the tournament and Spain, but at least it opened to Isner.

Although the American has resigned to a spectacular season in a big season, he needed surgery for Natal.

Wimbledon was the record for the US Open at the Ishner this season, which is known for his mammoth services made up to 11,000 seats.

He has won 92% of Icelor service games during his entire career and is expected to be dead in indoor conditions.

It is unusual for 33 years old to experience an unusual difficulty, and tie breaks have unexpected successes.

At the other end of the court of Lion, Eisner is preparing to face the game, while opposing the best players he faces.

Group Lelate Hewitt

Kevin Anderson

Federer's defeat in Wimbledon (Picture: Getty)


Age: 32

Nationality: South Africa

Ranking: 6

Career Names: 5

Outstanding Grand Slam result: Wimbledon & US Open, F

ATP Final Record: 0-0


Player of the Year Player of the Year: Anderson But there is no need to avoid South Africa.

In fact, Anderson has enough evidence to advance to the knockout steps.

Federer won the Grand Slam title in the last 18 months from Johannesburg and had a successful victory over Andy Murray.

Anderson won the match at Wimbledon this year.

He reached the semi-finals by defeating Jonkov in the one-day football final.

Anderson is one of the best services in sports. But it is clear that he has a total game to bother him.

Dominic thyme

If it's clay, another story will be … (Picture: Gati)


Age 25

Nationality: Austrian

Ranking: 8

Career Names: 11

Best Grand Slam result: French Open, F

ATP Final Record: 2-4


He is often described as a clay-court specialist, and he has determined that he is more than a trick.

In the semi-finals of the French Open, this year's competition improved and Rafael Nadal took 11th place.

In the future, as the Grand Slam champion, 25-year-olds are hard and indifferent in indoor courts.

But a recent incident may be the theme of completing his real possibilities and declaring him as a best all-round player.

Meadows was the hunting of happiness in the Australian competition. But he did well at this quarter's quarterfinals.

It was Thailand's sixth title in the first round. Nadal lost the first set.

Still, he says he is ready to play in the New York theater and his subsequent success in St. Petersburg – to play outside his favorite clay-fairy season.

KI Nichakar

The Japanese star has also enjoyed a mixed season (Fig.


Age 28

Nationality: Japanese

Ranking: 9

Career Names: 11

Outstanding Grand Slam result: US Open

ATP Final Record: 4-7


In current experienced stars, he has been surprised to find the best player in the final of the ATP Final, having played three of the tournaments and reached the semi-finals of 2016.

Juan Martin Del Potro withdraws from the competition, but the Japanese controversial love for the group has been progressive.

World number one Dennis Novociv lost in the opening round of the US Open after losing the first round of the US Open final.

Marin Silak wins the Wimbledon quarterfinal of the US Open semi-finals at Wimbledon on Friday.

He defeated the best of players and was usually injured in the Paris Federer and Shanghai. This is the best performance.

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