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Over 40 military commanders and intelligence officers have been arrested in connection with Mate


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Source: Alternate

November 10,2018

The Ethiopian Reporter in Arrest Ababa, the 40th highest ranking management (also known by most military personnel) with the responsibility of the Metic (Materials and Engineering Corporation) in the Government Corp's largest military industry corporation.

A senior report quoted anonymous sources saying that senior officials and intelligence agencies have been detained in the corporation building, Amora, near Imperial Hotel in Goran.

The reason for arresting officials is unknown. The list of arrested officials has not yet been revealed.

However, they are known to have been detained at the Addis Ababa Police Commissioner, where Somali's former president was arrested.

Vasima Radio reports that the agency is secretly investigating the allegations because of the activities to restart the corporation operations.

Days after the presentation of Ami Ahmad Gunder, the arrests were made of a significant revision in the army as part of the leadership of the Commandant-led command of his administration. In a report yesterday, Ethiopian satellite television (ASST) announced that "the sources near the Prime Minister" were reported to have been removed by 160 military soldiers.

In the economy, the metric sectors have been invested in different sectors but are more active in the construction and mechanical engineering sector. However, the Corporation often complains about the completion and corruption of the project.

Brigadier General Caffe Dagnav, who led the position of the corporation director until his resignation in April 2018, became Prime Minister from outside the ruling party. Recently, in the media that is resistant to the metal, Ethiopians will become corrupt and effective.

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