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Over the years Beckham's body language tells about his marriage


Beckham's camera says a lot about the world's most photographed couple.

Body language expert Judy James analyzes what we said …

Posh and Who?

Victoria was the most famous in the early years.

The power balance was in favor and David, despite being an established England star, is a very central stage, standing upside down, while David is rarely hidden later.

One night's golden couple in the Syrian Restaurant in 2006

Synthesis wardrobes

63th Venice Film Festival in September 2006

The pair mirrored each other in early outfits, feeling similar thoughts in terms of ambition and their relationship.

He has seen his career for years and he has set up to fight signs of physical language, but this 2006 pose shows a lot of balance.

Power couple

On July 16, 2008, at the 2008 ESPY awards in Los Angeles, California

In 2008, his iconic power couple appeared red carpet.

Victorian backward-lean, one hand on the hip, was called Tapot Pose, which reflects her move in fashion. David is in the lane but it's a star here.

The hand on his shoulder is a sign of ownership.

Cracks show

A night out with friends including Tanya Ramsey in Scotland

In 2014, David directly adopts solo pose on the camera, and it is a loving & # 39; coupled-up & # 39; Works to make the look.

She suggests that she has a tied tie.

David is a man of very loving family, but Victoria looks like a rock in the context of which relationship.

Old back-ball chips

Cruz, Victoria, David and Romeo See Beckham basketball

Their children have become an integral part of their poses.

David is a proud, father-father, but Victoria can not stop the formal appearance.

Pointing in toes and straight face indicate that she is more camera-conscious than her husband.

Happy couple?

Marriage of Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos, on June 15, 2019, in Seville, Spain

Recent Pose is defined by her career profiles, Victoria has a complete fashionstar direct-body look. David is more relaxed

Their tie-mark is still important for Victoria because they define one hand behind David as a couple, who define them as a couple.

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