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Surf couple dies with each other in bed


Michelle Evila and Christian Kent were young, passion for love and surfing.

One night he came home from the party, Michele greeted his parents good night and they slept

But then what happened will disperse the family and friends.

When Mitchell's mother went to investigate the couple, she died in Mitchell's bed.

According to the police, a couple known for their couple, sun-kissed golden locks and "perfect" relationship died on October 14 by a drug overdose – shy of one month of Mitchell's 24th birthday.

His shocking death has highlighted the growing problem of opioid addiction in Southern California's rich Orange County Beach Community.

Michelle's father Paula Evila discovered the clues to her daughter's room that she is a drug user, and she could not find any, Orange Country Registration Report

He said, with tears, the only reason to talk about excessive amounts of his drug was that other parents knew that "their children are not safe."

Michael Evila, 23 and Christian Kent, 20, died of a drug overdose. Picture: Facebook

Michael Evila, 23 and Christian Kent, 20, died of a drug overdose. Picture: Facebook

Both Mitchell and Christian were ill with cold and were taking antibiotics. Michelle did not drink alcohol because she was upset.

According to Mitchell's parents, he was not the majority of the party, instead he chose to spend time with Christian and his close friends in the Newport Beach area.

After they arrived at 12.30 am, Michele greeted her mother with a good night and she worked at Newport Beach Coffee Shop, wearing her clothes to shift at 6 o'clock.

Michele's memorable notes were also reminded: "Study the roles, work on your speech, love the Christian."

His family and friends, together, saw that they just got out of the pages of the magazine.

When her mother Adrianna Evila came home from work at 4 o'clock on the terrible day, she saw the couple dead in bed.

"Two beautiful children," Mr. Evila told the Coast Report online. "It was like Romeo and Juliet. Both of them died and they were shaking each other."

Mitchell and Christian's toxicology reports may take months to complete, but Mr Evila now confirms that he died more than a drug after talking to police and experts.

However, he said Orange County Registration That's more questions than those answers.

"What happened to those children?" He asked. "What did they do? What happened to that point?"

Michelle Evila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20. Picture: Facebook

Michelle Evila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20. Picture: Facebook

Mitchell's parents moved their daughters to Newport Beach while they were young, believing that they would be a safe place for their girls than Los Angeles, according to the Daily Mail report.

Mitchell, 23, and Christian, 20, dating to almost a year, immediately fell in love.

Michelle wrote on social media in August, when Christian was going to college, Michelle wrote, "How can it be two souls very quickly and quickly."

She wrote, "Today, my goodbye and crime were to say goodbye to the partner."

"I remember that the day you came in my work, I laughed with my eyes and asked for my number. You found me at the right time, and since then life was hell hell!

"It's insane how two souls can join very deep and quickly. You're very special and smart and you're going to kill him at university!"

Michelle was a star studio, and once received a letter from President George W. Bush to honor her achievements, Orange Country Registration Report

She chose to travel to Bali, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Japan and Brazil for the past several years before she started studying modeling and communication.

Mitchell's father said he was dreaming of being a journalist.

"She continued to follow her sister," he said. She chose to write, she chose to write, she chose a speech. "

After growing up in the newport, Christianity was tanned from the days passed by the louder, wore her blonde hair for a long time, touching her big shoulders, as reported in the local publication.

Local, online publication, Wat Youth, reads the tribute:

"Christian and his beautiful girlfriend, Michelle Evila, was not unresponsive at her home last week at Huntington Beach.

"We finally saw him on a skate jam a month ago or earlier. In love, happiness and at home, his death has had a harsh effect on us."

His close friend, Andyx Borunda, described him as a "real" soul, who was always there to carry a supportive support "in times of anxiety".

Burtha wrote on Vote Youth, "In the moments when you felt that the world was moving backwards, it will help you move forward."

Friends felt that they were the perfect couple. Picture: Facebook

Friends felt that they were the perfect couple. Picture: Facebook

"She turned the shore into the Baby's Blue Volkswagen Square Backbone, as the girls climbed, and she got trapped again, so the thing really solved more problems than it. She was" The Boy ".

"He sat at his house and played a vintage, golden strotocaster, whose fingers can tell ten lakh stories, it was a guitar man."

Their loved ones are now left to write a tribute to the couple.

About what Michelle's sister Nicole wrote about her 24th birthday, "I wish I could lament you and say how difficult it is."

Mr Evila can not help but convict herself for the death of her daughter.

He said, "You should take care of what God gave you, and it was the gift of God." Orange Country Registration. "She eats me from inside, how can I fail? She just looks at me."

A study released last year by the Orange County Health Agency has found that between 2000 and 2015, the number of overdose deaths has increased by 88%, and almost half of all deaths are due to overdose of contingency drugs.

According to the Alcohol Drug Advisory Board, there were 1,1111,809 prescriptions for opioids in 2015.

A gossip page has been prepared for Michelle, who raises more than $ 7,000 so far, which her father hopes to use for a program of teaching young people about drug use.

Mr Evila said, "My intention is to send a message." "To show how people can become beautiful like this, you are protected by anything."

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