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The bowlers are in charge of Pakistan

Pakistan, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi: David's match in the first Test

Azhar Ali's image. (Getty Images)

The first of the three Tests against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi on November 16 is being played and in recent years Pakistan has been substituted for the longest format of the game. Going to the confrontation with most of their players who show the best form. Mohammed Abbas, who took 10 wickets in the previous month, helped pace bowlers with great support. In the first season, he won the 12th Test against North First Class.

In addition to the experienced fast unit, Pakistan has also discovered the best spinners of Yasir Shah, Bilal Asif and all-time Mohammed Hafeez. Asif has done well in the first Test series against Australia. Asif took nine wickets in both Tests, scoring 6/36 in his first match in Dubai. Pakistan will hope for the New Zealand and Tests.

Recently Pakistan has played better in Test matches. They shared their maiden Test at Ireland, England's two Test series 1-1, 1-0 in the two Test series against Australia in recent years.

In recent Twenty20 and ODI series, New Zealand has offered many promises. It is hoped that a game can be brought against hosts. They have a great record in the UAE. The only Test series they have played here is from 1-1 to 2014. There are seven players who are still in this team. Pakistan will be interested to spend their money.

Commentary (Pakistan innings)

Due to the lack of demons on the surface due to the number of wickets falling today, or because it is unexpected in nature, the lack of application from the batsmen is very simple. The collapse of Kiwis and the Pakistan openers did so. Repeat more than one? let's see. Join us for all the activities in 1000 Local (0600 GMT). Look!

An enormous day in Test cricket. David took 12 wickets each. Pakistan has a good day. Batting first New Zealand scored 153 runs. The lowest innings in the innings. Each Pakistani bowler has also dropped Hafeez. Williamson is the second double ton. Kevin Pollard scored 63 runs. The batsmen started to bat out in the last session. Later, Sohail, Azhar and others suffered more damage.

22.6 A Patel rode into the Sohail, flew out and exited Sauil and soft hands. It will be stumps on day 1! 59/2

22.5 Sometimes, there is a ball, looping a ball, and Harris is coming forward. 59/2

22.4 Afridi smashed a boundary off the bowling of Zaheer. 59/2

22.3 Australia won the toss and chose to bat first. 57/2

22.2 From a Patel to Ali, so much injured Ali has gone to cover the spine, and Rawal takes a diving stop. Take a single. 55/2

22.1 A pair of Ali Batsman, who passed through a boundary, crossed the boundary and struck Azhar boundary at the crease. 54/2

The last over of the day …

21.6 Four Waggers to A Valley! Just a gentle push it has gone all the way to the fence. In full coverage, he provides a back treatment for Sohail. Raval's strongest effort was to sweep his lail and speed through mid-on the border. 54/2

21.5 Wagner with Sohail, surrounded by a bouncer, and Sohail pulled the duck at this time. 50/2

21.4 Wagner, near Sohail, extends from Sohail Kashmir to the soil and tying the dead body. 50/2

21.3 Wagner, bouncer and Sohyl ducks with Sohail. 50/2

21.2 Six balls included one six and a boundary. 50 Pakistans coming for 50/2

21.1 Wagner with Sohail, move length, length, length, and square leg. 49/2

20.6 From A to Patel, Azhar draws unexpected bats at this time. 48/2

20.5 From a Patel to a loop, a slow loop pulls out a front foot lying down. 48/2

20.4 From a Patel to Ali and R. The ball is a mid-on and Azhar. 48/2

20.3 From a Patel, Ali and Ali Fred played the foot outside the field. 48/2

20.2 Ali Akwar was bowled to the boundary for Pakistan. Azhar dismissed Azharuddin's bowling. 48/2

20.1 A front foot drive from Patel to Ali Ali's bat. 48/2

19.6 And Amit Mishra's dismissal to Ali Akmal. 48/2

19.5 Ali, Shamir, leg and Nitir were easily caught. 47/2

19.4 From Wagner to Ali, Wagner bowled a ball to the boundary. Azhar shook his dancing skills. 47/2

19.3 Azharuddin's stump will be wound up in the wicket when Wagner's ball is bowled to Ali Ali. 47/2

19.2 N Wagner to Ali, it's very dangerous, but outside, Ali allows it. 47/2

19.1 From N Wagner to Ali, in a long interval surrounding it, it protects the backside on the back. 47/2

18.6 A pile to the league side is directed towards the fielder. 47/2

18.5 Sohail a Patel, an MB. Kane Williamson does not decide to refuse it. A big spin outside the batsman, Harris does not put a shot in his pad at this time. They appeal, umpire thinks that's not enough. Kane has been making a chat with the chef but decides not to accept DRS. Good call. 47/2

18.4 Sohailil Patel, who batted the whole bat, defended the front knee. 47/2

18.3 A Patel in the Sohail, the fledy laid the ground entirely. 47/2

18.2 Sohaille is a Patel, track down, Yarkas himself, and in the last moment it pulls out. 47/2

18.1 A Patel from Sohail, Best Delivery. Harris was happy when he batted to dismiss the batsmen. 47/2

With five overs remaining in the day's play. Ajit Patel to continue

17.6 From Wagner to Ali, this batsman was not out. 47/2

17.5 Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali 47/2

17.4 Along with Sohail, Wackner joined a touch shot and Shillings with record. Spin used Sohail to play directly before mid-wicket. 47/2

17.3 As with Wauller Sohail, Angleling again defied and balanced as a batsman. 46/2

17.2 Sohail, Phillil and Namin, joined Wagner's hands. 46/2

17.1 Sohay Non Wagner, the first ball of the money. An alliance with a defense defends the bat down. 46/2

Neil Wagner crossed the line. You see his speed and his length. Sometimes he is under threat.

16.6 From Patel to Ali, Arm Paul, this time. In the final ball of the last over, Aussie bowled the ball. 46/2

16.5 Nedumangad was in the back of a ball as Power Run. 46/2

16.4 Aligarh took 1 wicket in the batsman's innings. Azharuddin's wicket switched. 46/2

16.3 When Patel Ali hits a ball forward, it safely prevents. 44/2

16.2 From a Patel to Ali, it goes from mid-wicket to mid-wicket with Ali Ali Bat's bat. 44/2

16.1 In the Sohail, Patel and Harris Sohail camped out for three runs. 44/2

15.6 Batsman was dismissed from D Granman to Ali. 41/2

15.5 de Grandhomme to Ali, Variable Benz at this event. Gambhir was dropped after Azharuddin's birth. 41/2

15.4 The ball of D Grandham, A Ali, Fullysley and middle order fell to the ground. 41/2

15.3 From The Grandhole to Ali, an invincator at this time came out and re-designed. 41/2

15.2 Azhar Thomas was caught outside his gun and hoisted from home to Ali Khan. 41/2

15.1 Azhar dismissed Irfan Pathan's opponents. It was perfect for the call. 41/2

14.6 He hit the ball to the boundary with a ball from Ali to Patel. 41/2

14.5 From a Patel forward we put forward Ali and Straits a ball. The Silk Point Fielder paves the way, it goes directly to the cover field. 40/2

14.4 From a Patel to Ali, the track is coming down and cheating on a small plane. Ali finally tries to hide himself in a hiding battle. 40/2

14.3 Ali, a Patel, walks out of the sky slowly, while Ali and Ali again pull his front legs. 40/2

14.2 Ali was returning from AP Aal Pal. 40/2

14.1 Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Anjar 40/2

13.6 Sohail's bowled Sohail and Sawl and Sohail together. Woman! 40/2

13.5 Australia won the toss and elected to bat first. 40/2

13.4 Score: Harris Bangladesh 34, 40/2

13.3 With Tendulkar, Tendulkar was equally successful with a bounce and Sachin. Bouncing out the bat without exiting the batsman out of it. Sohail is so careful. 40/2

13.2 Hovis just returned easy. 40/2

13.1 Sohail, Sohail, Sohail, Sohail, Sohail, Sohail, 40/2

12.6 Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Al Ali Al-Ali Ali Ali Al-Ali Al-Haqar Ali Ali Al-Hasar Ali Akbar 40/2

12.5 Ali and Puller were also in front of the bowlers for Pakistan. 40/2

12.4 From a Patel to Ali 40/2

12.3 Ali hides a whole, round, roundabout, with Ali going on his forehead. 40/2

12.2 From a Patel to Ali, he unexpectedly snatched off the ball and landed him aloof after landing. 40/2

12.1 Batting first, Bresnan top scored with a loss of one wicket. However, Azhar remained unbeaten. 40/2

New in action. Ajay Patel holds the ball in his hand.

11.6 Hen Soha, the Fusulian people, tried to make Horns look again. However, nothing could be achieved. 38/2

11.5 From D Grandmothers to Sohail, Ohhh … it's unimportant! Collin throws a ball in the middle and in the push. Harris is trying to defend against a bat. But in the last minute of the bat, the game is taken out. In the beginning I was criticizing bowling, but now Colin has become a good post. 38/2

11.4 Sohail to de Grandhomme, third in one line. Stumped outside the stumps and stumped all stumps. 38/2

11.3 The Granholm for the Century, another soft delivery in the zone outside with Sohail. 38/2

11.2 Scott Broad was not out. 38/2

11.1 The Grannyhood to Sohail, Four! And again! The second best driver in Sohail's bat. At Collin's crease, Harris stands forward, improving his straight drive from behind a beautiful back of the bat. 38/2

10.6 T Boult to Ali, all beaten! Boult throws at one minute intervals, strikes off, breaks the line without Ali field. 34/2

10.5 Bowled by bowling Sohail and bowled substitute nicoles for a replacement. 34/2

10.4 T Boult to Sohail, Four! Beautiful shot. A marvelous way to mark off. Harris Sohail has been given directly to the bat right from the bowl. One did not stop, and the time is good. 33/2

10.3 From T Boult to Sohail, only one line, one line left. 29/2

10.2 From B-Boult to Sohail, a distant delivery away from a long distance, Sohail consists of a great poet and a block. 29/2

10.1 T Boult to Sohail, and in a long interval, the soy kept it. 29/2

9.6 From die grandmother to Ali, leg-leg dine leg, Ali saves his balls from the leg side. 29/2

9.5 Azhar had Azhar for Afridi in front of the wicket. 29/2

9.4 de Grandhomme to Ali, it is completely surrounded, and Ali defends it safely with a vertical bat. 27/2

9.3 From D Grandham to Ali, Afganistan, Azhar, Field, Azhar, 27/2

9.2 From Dan Grandhome to Ali, the batsman will be dismissed off the stump. 27/2

9.1 From Ali Gondommi to Ali, the weapons of Ali's shirts. 27/2

8.6 Boult Sohail, Consider the front batsman who bat the entire bat. Another wicket maiden for New Zealand! 27/2

8.5 Sohail and Sohail along with Bol Bolt saved them from the right of delivery delivery. 27/2

8.4 He joined Sohail along with Sohail, who had won the toss. Flood lights turned on. 27/2

Breaks drinks. On the other hand, Harris Sohail is the fourth number.

8.3 T Boult Hafez, oh! Wow, another wrong shot and another wicket! I tell you, no matter how good or bad the kiss is, you will not succeed unless you can not show the application. We found the Kiwi, we now see Pakistan. Boult was struck with a boundary boundary and Hafeez was on the high side of the leg side and hit the midnight ball of the mid-wicket to Williamson. Idea is right. Kivis is happy. They are ahead for 126 runs. 27/2

8.2 Hafeez and Bowl are unbeaten outside the bowling. Hafeez does nothing. 27/1

8.1 From Boult to Hafeez, Hafeez is not out in the best batting performance. 27/1

7.6 From D granman to Ali, the bat's entire face defends backpack. New Zealand won by one wicket 27/1

7.5 Azharul Ali Ali Ali Ali Kolin offers an out-of-pitch, but you miss the first day of the innings but Ali Shot is tempting. There is a lazy laundry and aura. 27/1

7.4 D Grandham to Two Ali, Ali faced the foot off the field. 27/1

Azhar Ali is the number three bowler.

7.3 No, imam! Caught in gully! കോളിൻ ഡി ഗ്രാന്റ്ഹോം ബാറ്റ്സന്റെ ക്ഷമയെ വിജയകരമായി കൈകാര്യം ചെയ്യാൻ സാധിക്കുമെന്ന് നിങ്ങൾ വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നുണ്ടോ? ഇയാൾ പുറം പ്രദേശത്ത് വെച്ച് അന്വേഷണം തുടരുകയാണ്. ഇമാം തന്റെ ശരീരത്തിൽ നിന്ന് പുറത്തേക്ക് തള്ളിയിട്ടു. തന്റെ ഷോട്ട് ശരിയായി നന്നാക്കാൻ പറ്റില്ല. കെയ്ൻ വില്ല്യംസണും ഈ ക്യാച്ചുകളും ഉറക്കത്തിൽ തന്നെ എടുക്കാം. ഒരു ബാറ്റിംഗ് സൌന്ദര്യം പോലെ തോന്നിക്കുന്ന ഒരു പിച്ചിൽ ദിവസം പതിനൊന്നാം വിക്കറ്റ്. 27/1

7.2 ഡി ഗ്രാൻഡ്ഹോം മുതൽ ഇമാം വരെ, ചാനലിൽ വീതിക്കടുത്തുള്ള, മറ്റൊരു ലളിതമായ അവധി. 27/0

7.1 ഇദ്ദേഹം ഇമാം, സുജൂദ് മാലിന്യമില്ലാത്ത ഡെലിവറി, പുറം ചാലക്കുടിപ്പ്, ഇമാം സ്റ്റംപുകൾ എന്നിവ പുറത്തെടുക്കുന്നു. കോളിൻ ഡി ഗ്രാൻഹോംമെന്റിനെതിരെ വളരെ എളുപ്പമാണ്. ഒരു വിധത്തിൽ, കിവിസ് പുതിയ നട്ട് വറുക്കുകയാണ്. വാഗ്നറിൽ ലഭിക്കണം. 27/0

6.6 ടി ബൗൾട്ട് മുതൽ ഹാഫിസ് വരെ, ഏതാണ്ട് ഇത് മാറും! ഹഫീസിന്റെ പന്തിൽ ബൗൾഡായി ഒരു പന്ത് അതിർത്തി കടന്ന് പന്തുകൾക്ക് മുന്നിലേക്ക് എത്തിക്കുകയാണ്. നശ്വര നിമിഷം. 27/0

6.5 ടി ബൗൾട്ട് മുതൽ ഹഫീസിനെ വരെ വിക്കറ്റ് വീഴ്ത്തി. ഹഫീസിന്റെ പിന്നാലെയെത്തിയ കാലിഫോർണിയ്ക്ക് പരുക്കേറ്റതിനെ പ്രതിരോധിക്കാനായില്ല. 27/0

6.4 Boult Huffes, four! കൊള്ളാം, നല്ലത്. മനോഹരമായ സമയം, മനോഹരമായി കാണുന്ന ഷോട്ട്. ബൗൾ അത് പൂജ്യത്തിന് പുറത്തായ ഉടനെ ഹഫീസ് തന്റെ മുൻഭാഗത്തേയ്ക്ക് മുന്നോട്ട് കുതിക്കുന്നു. രണ്ട് ഫീൽഡർമാരാണ് പിന്നീടുണ്ടായത്. 27/0

6.3 ബൗൾട്ട് to ഹഫീസ് — 23/0

6.2 T Bolt to Imam, good movement this time. Imam raised a little bit of a little from the length of the imam. 23/0

6.1 Imam, Puller, Imam, Imam, and Imam are Ibrahim (Abu Jahl). 22/0

5.6 From D Grandham to Hussey, the batsman who bat all the bat has been set as the previous foot. 22/0

5.5 Hafeez's ball was bowled by Hafeez off Hafeez's ball. 22/0

5.4 From the Dehoopaim to Hafez, he crosses a ball in the Colin match. For Hafeez in front of Sodhi in mid-wicket 22/0

5.3 The Imam gently stretched on hand from the Hudgum to Imam funner stump. 22/0

5.2 de Grandhomme to Imam, in the channel outside, the imam allows it to be kept. 21/0

5.1 Imon came out of the ball and Imam faced back and ran for two runs. 21/0

4.6 Huffie goes on to hafe's back and forth as he has a long duration, until T Boult Huffes. 19/0

4.5 From T Boult to Hafez. 19/0

4.4 Hafeez succeeds Albie Morkel as he hits from Boult to Hafez. 19/0

4.3 T Bolt to Imam, another induction to the south, does not shine Imam. Wicket will be picked up for a square leg. 19/0

4.2 Imam, Iksham, Isham and Imam were also shining. A checktock more. 18/0

4.1 T Boult to Imam, LBW! But he shakes the umpire's head. Boult throws in an inventor, walks out and injures the knee, exiting the imam and losing the imam to the bottom of the bat. Missing Call 18/0

3.6 Hafeez was dismissed by Haddin off the bowling of the batsman. 18/0

3.5 From D Grandham to Hafeez, Colin seems to be under pressure. At this time slipping a ball down the leg side, Huffes allowed it and Watling collected diving to his left. 18/0

3.4 From D gran gran to M Huff! In fact, the standard bowling. New Zealand will miss South Africa now. Hafeez was trapped in front of the wicket. 18/0

3.3 From The Grandmother to Hafez, four! Do not bend to this batsman! D Grandham, especially his speed should not be allowed to bowl. Hafeez's ball was stuck in front of the wicket and Hafeez was bowled cleanly. 14/0

3.2 From the De Grandhall to the Hafeez, the wicket is from wicket to the wicket, the length is complete and there is some internal movement. In the last minute, Hafeez was on mid wicket. 10/0

3.1 David Hussey (39 not out) trapped Hafeez's wicket in front of the wicket. 10/0

2.6 Hafeez picked up one wicket off the boundaries. 10/0

2.5 From Boult to Huffies, Huff's could not save a full boundary. 9/0

2.4 Boult Huffes, four! Boult was trapped in front of the wicket. Opening batsman Hafeez is the opening batsman for the bowlers. Set the time and leave behind for a point and move backwards. 9/0

2.3 Huff's way from T Bolt to Hafeez, bowled by a boundary and returned to the pavilion for two runs. 5/0

2.2 Boult Huff, Phillipine, and Hafeez bowl. 3/0

2.1 Imran T Boult and Imran picked up Imam paceman off Sri Lanka. 3/0

1.6 When Hafeez caught Ishant Sharma, Hafiz Saeed was shining. 2/0

1.5 The Grandhole to Hafez, in this case, is an incredible instant. That's outside. 2/0

1.4 Hafeez was caught behind off Hafeez's ball in Hafee's delivery. 2/0

1.3 Hafeez's ball is bowled by Colin. The ball next to Colin Stumpton becomes more or more soccer. Hafeez is also awesome at that moment. 2/0

1.2 Hafeez does not even allow a shotgun on Hafeez's long tremendous strength from The Grand Hump to Hafez. 2/0

1.1 From D Granholm to Hafeez, soft delivery, shuttering and off overs, from the back of the ball to the cover point toward the point. 2/0

Colin de Granmum to share red cherry from a different base.

0.6 From t boult to imam, the length should be extracted and imam over. 2/0

0.5 Imran T Boult and Imran bangladesh and Trinidad in semi-finals

0.4 From t Boult to Imam, Short, Off the Over, Climbing from the back and in the Coir Fielder direction. 2/0

0.3 T Boult to Imam is a long hitting in the break, which gains the brilliant achievement and exceeds the imam. 2/0

0.2 Trott took eight runs off Trent. Hafeez hit Hafe's century. Both openers will have to pay. 2/0

0.1 Boult and Imam started the batting innings. Imam went out and later allowed him to do a cover. 1/0

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