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The lack of street standards is due to the boom in imports


Jams Karik
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Lack of quality standards will provide a superb transaction to leather goods consumers.

Players of industry say that foreign merchants, bags, and manufacturers pass through resin-made products.

Kenya Savings, Income, Non-Tidy Loop & Bag Manufactures & # 39; Real & # 39; There are widespread protests by allowing the sale of leather products.

Kenya can buy 40 million shoe annually. However, cheap fiberglass products are being built to buy counterfeit products in Kenya. They wake up soon after they lose their hands. "Kariakkar Coblers Association spokesman Peter Ketka.

Ketka, who worked in the leather industry for the past 30 years, has participated in various forums with senior government officials. He said the standards of leather products were prepared and implemented.

"Why do we allow Kenyan people to sell harmful resin products and complain about Kenyan cancer-related illnesses?" The Kebs should be told not to let any leather trunks to be applied, "he said. He was speaking at a workshop organized by Leather Anx Society for promoting growth in the sector.

Kenya is estimated to have fallen to 500 billion annually because of its poor ratings being a major driver of higher education.

Shallon Qatar believes the potential of this massive program will receive 3 billion pounds of primary producers and will receive tanneries by exporting the best quality products.

A deep study of the leather industry In a recent study, it was found that the lack of certified services has affected the local chances of growing industry.

"The quality data and recognition programs can be developed in the evaluation phase of the evaluation network to motivate new and grown competition based on distinctive quality and design.

Finally, quality standards can be implemented, especially for imported products, "Kenya Leather Industry: Diagnosis and Strategy Action Action Planning.

Local leather companies that achieve global prizes such as Bata and Mendoza are at a rapid pace to distribute their production standards to build brands made up of the logo of Ketti.

With Ken's assistance, the Kenyan leather development council's leadership can play a central role in developing standards. This will train the entire workers and supervisors in the leather network.

Kenyan years require 44 million pair of shoes and local companies have sold 3 million units of 26.7 million synthetic leather products and tried to revitalize the local regional industry.

"The Kenya to import 15 million selling mithumpa yardukalil shoes. Kampaniyalla our problem, the quality, the construction of Kenya's branded products, leather jacket to process the set of 95 per cent from our tanarikalil, bags, shoes, send up the construction of factories belts." Lask Secretary-General bitrais h Respectively, said.

Their main task will be to bring all players to a table and to speak in a volley to find solutions to their problems.

The meeting also asked Kenya to invest in modern industrial equipment to facilitate well-built wells and other leather product manufacturers.

Kitke knows that the construction of a public manufacturing facility in Karoore in Nairobi will be commissioned in February next year. He said this will help to improve the quality of the products produced in the past period.

He said that there are more than 300 Cub players who will be selling sandwiches in East and West Africa.

Ethiopic leather industries enjoy the use of modern processing machinery that is shubles Slu28 compared to the Sh944 of Kenya.

Now the 500 acres Liam Industrial Park is set up in the Machakamas County. There have been invited stockholders to purchase space from tanneries, leather manufacturing centers and exhibition stalls. Along with foreign companies, the government has offered to introduce the export ban for leather-made manufacturers for semi-processed leathers.

Figures of the National Bureau of Statistics show that abattoirs in the country are average 2.2 million cattle and calves per year.

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