Tuesday , August 16 2022

Toyota launches new global Corolla sedan


Guangzhou, China –
The lift was taken from Toyota's new Corolla sedan series at the Guangzhou International Automobile Expo in China. The new sedan model will be sold in 2019 and up to 150 countries, but South Africa will be able to win in 2020. (Whether the Korolla is being imported or built in KZN or the cars recommended by SA).

Ground, Sports Exterior, Sleek Interior Design, New Corolla Sedan, Driver Enhanced Driving and Performance Improvement.

High-tech highway family sedan

The Corolla sedan's hybrid version will be presented in more than 90 countries and territories. In Japan, in sponty (based on the orange car in the pictures) the new sedan and Wagon model will be optimized for Japanese customers and roads, and the hybrid (or wagon for that matter) when it starts to sell in 2019.

Toyota Speaks

"We tried to design the new models of eye-hand, rantirattiyilekkum a fun, easy and fun. Car not only unique and interesting reasons, together with the connectivity functions create a new value, the new model enhances mobility to consumers in a car, around the world," the chief engineer yeasikki models, the new Corolla keanisi Rayunnu.

A stimulant of a good selector

Corolla is the best selling car of Toyota Corolla. Worldwide (including derivative models), 46 million vehicles were sold and since 1966's first release in Japan.
With each new generation, Corolla evolved. Reliability and usability from the first generation of brand claims introduced new features and functionality for the purpose of its core DNA tradition.

A platform, a number of models

On the basis of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNA), the structuralized vehicle development (to control expenditure) has been integrated into the global level of the 12th generation of today's Corolla Platform.

"The new platform provides better performance, with smooth driving, swipe, quietness and security," Connish added. Gives a happy driving experience to customers in different countries and regions. Test driving through five continents. "

The new interior design of the new Corolla & # 39; Census Minimalism & # 39; (A very simple and attractive design by Toyota.), A hybrid includes a new digital instrument panel.

Connected callle

In some markets, the new Corolla sedan models offer convenient connecting functions and services to provide security and security. Connecting people, cars, cars and community will facilitate convenience and convenience.

Toyota integrates an integral component, standardizing new models using the onboard Data Communication Module (DCM). Connectivity services will be presented in every grade, & # 39; All in-Time & # 39; Services will be provided. 24/7 promises security and peace to the customer.

Other examples of connectivity options in the new Corolla include services in Europe that allow Apple carpel and americanlex compatibility to be used as a car in emergency situations in the United States and in Europe, and to send respiratory vehicles based on the car's location. (There is no word whether we can accept these functions in SA from Toyota Toyota SA).

For some time, the new Corolla comes to South Africa in 2020. Local-line up, although price is not confirmed yet, we really want to see Wagon roll to SA.

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