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Tyler C, artistic partying victim in New York City after some Gigi Hadid dates. Is


Bachelorette Fans-favorite Tyler Cameron has made headlines in recent weeks for his post-reality show Dating Life. As The Bachelor Nation fondly remembers, Hannah Brown asked Cameron for a drink as "a girl" to witness "After the Final Rose for All the People of America." He said he loved, of course, because of Bachelorette Fans hope Brown gets a happy ending with his runner after all.

Shortly after Brown's proposal, Cameron left his place in Los Angeles with an overnight bag (it looks like they chose to stay out instead of drinking those drinks).

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron | Getty Images by John Flyner
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron | Getty Images by John Flyner

“Tyler arrived at Hanna's place around 9pm. And they stayed, "one source told her! News. “He spent the night with her and left at 10 in the morning. She went out for her car and they hugged and kissed her. He had an overnight bag and looked very happy with them. "

A few days later, Cameron was spotted out in New York City with supermodel Gigi Hadid. According to US Weekly, the two met together at the Soho House in Brooklyn.

Since then, the two have been together on different occasions, including bowling with friends.

"Gigi and Tyler went on a second date Monday night," a source close to Hadid told ET. "The two went bowling and Gigi and Tyler were very flirt and kept laughing."

Tyler Cameron is hunting in an apartment complex in New York City

In the midst of spending more time with Hadid, Cameron announced on his Instagram stories that he was an "apartment party victim" in New York City.

A source told People that Cameron is already living in the city.

“Tyler now lives in NYC. He has his own place, but for his dates, he relishes Gigi's. "" She's very public about getting in and out of her place – you could say she wants to be seen. Gigi is enjoying the attention she gets for dating. "

The relationship status of Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid

Although Cameron and Hadid are having a good time together, a source told ET that their relationship was not the only one. Both Cameron and Hadid have recently moved out of other relationships (Cameron with Brown and Hadid with Zayn Malik), so they are taking their time.

"Although Gigi and Tyler are spending more and more time together, they are dating casually," the source said.

The source added, "Gigi was severely broken and Tyler just landed on a dating show." “The two have been enjoying first-hand friendships, going on dates and having fun. Nothing more than that right now. "

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