Sunday , August 1 2021

Uncertain Man City takes his unreliable Premier League second place – Simon Bjorkovsky ahead

City in their own league for targets

Manchester City has presented some spell-off statistics under Pap Guardiola and their three goals in the first half of the London stadium mean they have scored 21 goals in the opening 45 minutes of the Premier League this season.

To put it in context, only Liverpool (26), Arsenal (26), Chelsea (27), Tottenham (23) and Bournemouth (21) are also in management, which means that in total, the fans of the city have scored more goals than half their team . -The time has seen a complete stop over 15 clubs.

And any team wants to keep it tight until the interval, only Arsenal have found more than 19 city goals in the city. There is a long way to go, but Leroye Sen's suggestion of the blues at the average of three goals per stoppage-time goal. Game.

It is a significant feat, and to make as much of a target as possible, credit should go to Guardiola and its players for continuous driving. They did not have to work very hard for their last three but something rarely fails in the blues, you have to be in those places to take advantage of any mistakes.

While league leaders are in action for every crap about competitiveness or lack of competitiveness in the Premier League, it is almost certain to see plenty of goals – and it can not be a bad thing.

Stirling and Silva Guardiola show an upgrade

Manuel Pellegrini's achievements in the city can not be forgotten, and three of its signings – Fabian Delf, Rahim Sterling and Nicolas Autamandi – started the Saturday victory. However, those players are now very different compared to the summer of 2016, while the new manager had the question marks on all their futures.

Stirling is very impressive, it is impossible to think of keeping it out of the best XI, still struggling under the Pelagri and it was in favor of the Chileans' favor. David Silva, who signed Roberto Mancini, has also added a touchscreen touch, which he wore blue while wearing Guillaquil, while wearing a blue dress for Spain.

The Palegrini can improve some players during his time in Manchester, but Guardiola has made significant improvements from all the players who are still there.

Getting the land on the rival

The city might have felt it easy but West Ham has beaten United in this stadium in this season and drew with Chelsea.

Successful negotiations were carried out through more distant travel blues, the rest of the games would be easier to see and if they could get results where the rivals have failed, then it is better.

United drop points from the house to the palace also increase between 14 points and the difference between two Manchester teams.

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