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$ 1.34 billion for Socialist General

All these amounts
The bank immediately stated that "the entirety of the document contained in the" socialite gentry "account is". "Bertrand Longlaws / AFP

French can probably challenge the dominance of the dollar, dreaming of the best time. Now, they are connected to the American currency. Five years after the United Nations bill of $ 9 billion (around 8 billion euros) of the United Nations bill on US Neighbors, BPP Paribas used the United States to trade with stimulating countries. Go to Socialist Genel Fund. The French bank Monday demanded a salary of 1.34 billion dollars (approximately 1.2 billion euros) to pay the pending cases of New York State Government and New York State Government. American control. The 2003 ceasefire between Cuba (Iran and Sudan) violation of the offensive between 2003 and 2013 Prosecution will be abandoned only after three years of probation.

"The Socialist Generals agreed that the US voluntary organizations violated their boundaries and concealed these violations, which sponsor billions of dollars of unauthorized capital through the US financial system" New York lawyer Jeffrey Berman said in a statement on Monday. "Other banks should pick up some seeds, one of the priorities of this tribunal and the US agencies." Representative of IRS (International Revenue Service) representative James Roberts said "It's important to put an embargo on our national security and the integrity of our economy". The US attitude toward sanctions warns against Iran.

Hidden transactions

In 2000, Americans explained the Cuba's open credit facility, Société Generals. Between 2004 and 2010, Francis was paid to Cuba's banks and institutions. Approximately 2,500 transactions were made by the US system at 13 billion (11.3 billion dollars). Many are targeting oil purchases and sales Trading Cuban produces and produces crude oil in the production and promotion of state. The American justice attributed to the Socialist Generals is part of the attempt to hide these deals. For example, 500 dollar denominated payments were hidden in transit through a Spanish bank. In the meanwhile, bank employees have demanded that the bank employees make a mention about Cuba.

From 2004 onwards, the management of SOCIETON GENERAL began to be in a mail "Any discovery or drain" Cuba will be almost there "Severe judgment" The US concentrated on paying close to dollars in criminal justice imposed countries. Decided to reduce Wing. In 2006, Internal Memos reveal the fears of employees of the Society General Secretariat. The Americans were investigating the alleged violation of the Iranian embassy and the ABN amok was allowed. Cuban cat can be used to grow roses from one nail to another. "By searching a country like Iran, we can finger on the Cuba-like funds in other countries, such as Cuba." Of course, we did not talk about the Cuba's case, which is maintained by the Socialist Generals in New York, but to a certain extent, "At least evil" That's it "Worse" Rose up ", An e-mail of the "Social Geerele" employee pointed out by the US prosecution on February 7, 2006

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In 2007, many transaction related transactions were discontinued. This has not been blocked. America's justice, "The Director General of the Year". At that time, the grant given to Cuba was made without a dollar. The bank did not have anything to the US authorities but was caught on another issue: Sudan. In 2012, these two burdens were blocked by the US agencies. Bangkok received 22.8 million dollars (nearly 20 million euros) associated with that country and other importers. Internal compliance in order to strengthen the regulatory system in collaboration with American Justice, revealing that the Cuban credit facility exists due to the pressure of a public inquiry by the Socialist General, the American authorities. External audit will be evaluated in New York within 18 months.

Frederick Odean's queasy

In a press release the Society General states: "Amount [de la pénalité] The Society has been fully incorporated in the provision of the case recorded in the account. These contracts will not have much impact on the results of the bank in 2018 ". Its CEO Frederick Oueda and my culp de rugurur – "We recognize and recognize mistakes that have been found in these queries, and we work with the United States to end these cases" I'd like to see ahead "These covenants, which are closely followed by investigations earlier this year, allow Bank to withdraw the most important offensive page of the past".

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In June, the US authorities agreed to end the two agreements for the US authorities with $ 1.3 billion (1.1 billion euro) and the French National Producer (PNF). Libor interbank rate, Libyan sovereign wealth fund. Since the beginning of the year, stock has lost 23% of its value, a far worse than this sector.

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