Friday , August 19 2022

A part of A4 Moselle was closed after repression


On November 17, 2018, "yellow dresses" Sebastian Salom Gomes / Siepa

At a show hosted by "Yellow Dresses" on Saturday in Sainte-Marie-aux-Chênes (Moselle), a part of the A4 motor is closed in both directions of the traffic in an unexpected time. .

"Sunf (Norton East Motors company in France) evaluates the extent of damage caused by the early evening damage, to determine the expected expected date – at least partly – this main axis" predictor said in a statement.

The fire broke through the road

St. Mary-Oxs, situated 15 miles northwest of Medzes, "A4's basements have been critical, especially the" Yellow Wear "road has been exacerbated by fire and the Molotov cocktail was sent to police to restore the traffic in this part of the highway.

The related section of the closure represents the Jarny and Marange-Silvange twenty kilometers. A 4 rescue crew was evacuated in St-Ativ, east of the army to restore the traffic. On Saturday, a policeman was injured in the bomb explosion and two policemen protested.

In Moselle, "Some dozens of concentrations focused on concentrated concentration in A4-in China and Si-Mari-Ox-China-and-Saint-Awwy in Aine in Aine Aine in Dineville, as well as the RN4 in Luxembourg and Surveyburg region, have sometimes seen a" strong agitation between performers and performers " Or any type of commercial buildings Ivine to identify the prefecture said.

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