Tuesday , August 16 2022

An AI is to find Alzheimer's


Many diseases were detected early. Some Cancer patients have been diagnosed with AI patients and Alzheimer's disease is changing rapidly.


Alzheimer's disease provides patients with diagnosis and provides an effective treatment for reducing the progress of the disease. In a study published in American Journal Radiology, Alzheimer's disease begins to explain that some parts of the brain adapt to a subgenerative change, including glucose absorption. Unfortunately, since these changes are very simple and display, it is especially difficult to observe.

Researchers say researchers have been able to take advantage of deeper study by collecting information from medical records of thousands of patients to develop models and standards that help patients develop disease. Currently, the AII Parent Model is developed based on the brain imaging of thousands of patients. The percentage was found in 100% of the old diseases (40 patients). It was 6 years old to see the sick patient's disease. Large quantities of checks help in reliability of better components.

This knowledge can be used in the context of each brain imaging examination and the creation of an automatic screening of each patient, and does not require any intervention in a human interaction.

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