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And yet, Gutner was ready … – Season


Season | 27/11/2018 – 10:21 | And yet, Gartner was ready …

On Sunday night, during the hat-trick at Stade de la Lacorne, Florian Thouwin To put himself on his left foot, he scored his first goal on his "special" axis. But this time, Winger Marseille has decided to hit the closed-side, while he regularly wakes his strike to find an opposite corner. Variety of game of goalkeeper Regis Gartner Ditto on the third goal, where the international triangle pokes Porter Picard on a shot at the first post.

At the post-match press conference, Rudy Garcia It has also been explained that this gesture was routinely trained by Thowwin in front of the target: "When he works against the goal, he works all night, specially wrapped, but in a very distant post he has strengthened tonight too." (See video)

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