Friday , January 27 2023

Asp: Solari won the next edition at the Zerotro Trackmania Cup, Bercy


Along with or alone, Carl-Antoni's "Carl Jar" cloister is definitely untouchable TrackMania. With her friend Sophie Brendan "Brain" Savvy for her first version ZRT TrackMania Cups – French striker Adrian "Zerotor" organized by Nogaret – The couple (seventh in Canada), Canada raised its fifth trophy at Zenith in Strasbourg. Brain won his first title on this occasion.

" I look forward to it, it has been for years Later said on stage. After the most severe semi-final success In the finals, both of them made their subject very good, especially with gamers completing two pairs of Origin.

But Zaror, the world's essential personality of the video game and Esport in France, kept the best time of the day: this announcement was a year before, in this tournament's edition of the competition in the organization's organization, Nade, on the racing game developed inside the Acouterhotels Arena de Paris. A new course to cross

Adrian "Zerotor" Nogaret: "We want to come to the Accord Hotels Arena in 2019, but when we saw that we need to book the options in advance, we postpone it until 2020. It will give us a one year margin to prepare ourselves to get sponsors. We hope that the advertising will be affected, people can be prepared in advance. Anyone who wants to see in Canada can also come. Rossi's smallest gage is 8000, it's what we aim for, but we do not want it. We love 15,000, but this will mean doubling this year. We are in Paris, but it's doubly. They helped a lot. They are very motivated.

That time is to return to Paris. The competition is growing wild. We have people from all of France but at the end is the smallest TrackMania The cup was held in Paris. It's contradictory. At Grand Rex we did not have to be wet in 2016. We had filled up to 2500 people. This time we want to score and we had two choices, Bercy or Olympia. Two of the most prestigious rooms. But 1500 places are less. We thought to make the cup a little bit premium, different, more intimate. But I do not think he is right today, as we grow every year.

It's nice because I think I'm not wrong and going in the right direction. I say to myself that if we fill the burial with my so called death game, it is because we have created something (laughs). "

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