Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Bohemian Rapids", Queens North America Box Office Champions


Los Angeles – is this a real life? The final story by famous American brand ambassador Relations, says that the story includes the famous American singer Freddie Mercury and their legendary singer Queen.

Brian Singer directed the "Common suspicions","X-Men"), One of the biggest names in Hollywood,Bohemian nightclubHe is portrayed as Freudi Mercury ferro Balzara. AIDS died in London in 1991.

In the first three days of $ 51 million, the film is ready for a better performance.

Better than two other novelists "Nudra and four other countries"Disney, who raised $ 203 million dollars,No one is joking"The African-American romance story was $ 13.7 million.

"1 star is bornLady Gaga, the biggest singer of Bradley Cooper, earned 11th place in the 1937 remake of a third movie, earning 11 million. In the last five weeks, $ 165.5 million.

"Halloween"Classic and Classic in John Cantor's Scary Film, $ 10.8 million, fifth in fifth place, 150.2 in three weeks.

Here's the Top 10 continuation:

6-Poison": 7.9 million dollars (five weeks operation 198.7)

7- "Etti & Company": 3.8 million (77.5 in 6 weeks)

8- "Goosebumps 2: Halloween Ghost": 3.7 million (43.9 in 4 weeks)

9- "The Hunter Killer": 3.5 million (two weeks 13)

10- "She picked up hatred": 3.3 million (23.4 in five weeks)

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