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Brevi returns to his chair – 19/11/2018

Pro D2 – 12 days. Point

Njewel (Oyonnax) is resistant briviste. / Photo PQR, mount withdrawal

Njewel (Oyonnax) is resistant briviste. / Photo PQR, mount withdrawal

On 21st and 20th, Orioniansians posted the 12th day between the bronzes and the Oranakas, a corcussions. After the afternoon, their Stadium Amede-Domenic had a stadium. A success that allows Brivists to find the best in the ranking.

With scores 15 to 7 in half an hour, the second half finished with two goals, with the Brazilian side, and the second with the Bug Bugi team to die at some point.

Oonax, which has been allotted through two temporary exclusions, maintains its position on the podium (3rd) at one stage of CAB along with the defense bonus.

The other results of the day were surprising to say the least. For example we will remind three winners: Nevers, Montbaan and Massey. Four teams who have maintained the last five places have been successful. That's it Sunrooms Who made the wrong doing today? In the pellet of eligibility, the Columns have a 13 point point but should be aware that their skin must be protected now. As part of this, In France Vannes rekindle with his success and hope to be able to shift to the first half of the table before the end of the year ends. Without this victory, Torn-et-Garonnais would be annihilated. Finally, Carcasson The defeat has turned out to the meter without the score but needs to be repeated continuously for the second time (to the Nevers).

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