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Campaign and Parliamentary Assistants: Opening two Judicial Information


Jean-Luc Melenchon demanded a judicial inquiry. Francois Moline heard it. The public prosecutor in Paris, who disappeared from France and his relatives, announced two special proposals on Friday. The prosecutor's office defended this decision "Complexity of investigations that have already been implemented in the light of the elements already collected." On 16th October, 15 different surveys and 21 prosecutions were conducted. It led Melanchron and several party functionaries.

Machines. LFI leader welcomed the announcement of the announcement of the Paris Prosecutor's office "Arbitration of the Grounds". When this decision is given to many defendants within the more effective legal framework for the rights of defense, it opens the door for possible charges that are taken into account in the seriousness of the evidence.

The first survey aims "Working Conditions of Parliamentary Assistants" Melinon became MEP. France's succeeding leader is suspected of using the budget to sit in the European Parliament. It will be rewarding for activists who worked for the party. In other words, "Misuse of Public Funds", Under the cover of this crime,

This is the second instruction "Fundraiser of election campaign" Melenchon in 2017. "Robbery and trafficking"
"Confession of Faith" Similarly, blocking and hiding this crimes "Decrease or credit the assets of a simple joint stock company". All these machines aimed at the campaign are the most complicated.

The second report says that the prosecution was initially opened by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Politarian Financing (CNCCF). If Jean-Luc Melenchten's estimates are correct, that is very important "Referred Forms" Controversial costs of controversy: 434 939 Euros were retires. Consumer goods consumed by two intermediate organizations in the campaign program are suspicious: People's Era and a Media Papas.

Suspicious amounts. A large part of them "Referred Forms" The first is set up to establish a connection "The technology and support for all the work taken in the service of ideas developed by Jean-Luc Melonchon to recognize citizen revolution" During the campaign. Included: Invoices with sibylline titles and suspicious amounts. Also, CNCCFP wondered why people should pay VAT now. The prosecutor of the Paris Republic said that a report from the TRAFF in connection with the alleged financial fraud was received in August.

Suspicion is another structure in the heart of a media foundup and a company founded by Sophia Tipper. The next adviser, Melenchon, supported a large number of candidates' communication. The company's bills account for 11% of the overall campaign expenditure. This setting allows Chikirou to ensure good margin, which is now kept secret.

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