Monday , May 29 2023

"Christoph and Jeff are my Believers"


On Monday night in Interview – M6, 36-year-old Woman Cristofian, who runs a teacher farm in southern France, abandoned her friend.

The Frogro. – in the last episode Love is in the grassland After spending the weekend with him in Cameroon you decided to end the adventure with Christoph. Why?
Aurelia. – There was no click. This is a great person, someone I love is not a good thing.

Christoph a try?
No. He Continually Respects My Salvation. He realized that I suffered and did not have time for me. It is not true that our relationship will lead to a story. Christof forgot. I have found a friend. I think this friendship will end.

Of course, at the end of Episode, you may want to get back to Jeff again, and your other actor went to farm. Are you still in touch?
Yes. Before I went to bankruptcy, Jeff had a phone. And Christus too. We call each other regularly, and we call each other. We lived in a big adventure.

"I'm still a bit stupefied and broken"

Love is Oreliya grass

You are not disappointed in having found love?
No. I will get back to you all the mail I've received. Maybe someone in a letter suits me and suits my situation. I'm optimistic. We only have one. Anyway, this person must be patient with the patient. Today I am still a bit harsh. We do not erase his earlier love, we learn to live. It is not easy to call someone to believe and give love, but I believe.

»With that – Theory (Love is in the grassland): "At the time of farming, Caroline called a lot of people"

What did the show do?
Two friends! They are careful and helpers. They have a neutral opinion because they are outside my life. I responded to them. From now on, my old hardships are trying to ignore.

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