Monday , August 2 2021

"Cuisine and Confessions": Circus is Cake!

An American kitchen. Seven Acrobats, from Argentina to Sweden, are preparing banana-chocolate cakes (for real, viewers use a timer, they are extinguished, pleasurable) but they typically roll up for sleeves. Flutter and tell each other. From the Canadian 7 Fingers Company ("not for long"), "cuisine and confessions" had already gone to Paris in 2014, but almost the whole cast was changed.

Terrence, who tells her grandfather and her 32 children about "16 with the same woman" – it seems that she is right – who raised this black man, who raised her, performing wonderful madness on Chinese Mast . We hear his breath, he is beautiful, this mixture of words and body that flies. This is, this show: Real and short stories, inspired by the moments of childhood memories or artist's life and crazy numbers, never Bollywood.


Hawaii, so the poetic, Anna Russo-Canadian, or Diablo's young Chinese artist, gives you gifts to her younger sister at the moment of the slates. We are with the family and in the kitchen. The viewers are invited to go on stage and bring against Olivia Bowl. They are doing well! Artists – Real People – Dive into lion-like square hoops. Circle squaring No intermission on stage theater, a thick show of 1:30, it runs.

No popcorn but this cake that smells very well. And a beautiful soundtrack with Cherry, Olivia Newton-John's cover of "Greece" duct, was composed by a pianist in a very special version. Confession: We would have taken a third part of the cake, but here we share shares, desserts and laughter.

Editor Note: 4/5

"Cuisine and confessions", 7 Fangers Company, Bobby's Theater (Paris XIV), 21st, 16-58 Euros, and 12th January.

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