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Davis Cup: The new version of the old-fashioned version before it exists?

Davis Cup: The new version of the old-fashioned version before it exists?
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At the start of the Davis Cup final in the final historical form, the revised version of the team's competition has already weakened by the risk of disadvantage of the best players and the competition of a comparable event re-organized by ATP. .

When the Davis Cup rectification was underway, its lawyers had explained that it was based on two pillars: getting back the support of the best players, which once started on their list and eased the schedule too busy

But after three months of being accepted by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), its establishment has already become weak.

The participation of the best players is guaranteed today.

Novak Djokovic? "Not sure", answered the World N.1 in early October in Shanghai. Roger Federer? "I doubt it," at the same time Swiss reduced 20 grand slam crowns. Rafael Nadal? Yes, according to Spanish footballer Gerard Pike ("if he is not injured, he will be there"), who chairs the investment fund to carry the project in partnership with Kosmos with ITF. Provided – and it is not thin – can play at this stage of the march season, which ends the last two knee.

Date criticism

This suspicion is enough to change the rhetoric of ITF to a new generation in recent weeks.

Its main face, Alexander Zaverov, will it be after? No, definitely On November 21, after the masters of the most prestigious trophy of her career, N4 World, US The youth of the world said, "I do not want to play tennis anymore in November."

And this is the main criticism addressed by players to the ITF: the November selection, the end of the date until it is repeated in Medridge. At the same time in the current Davis Cup final Except for not collecting dozens of players, the new format will play a lot more time in the weeks of assembling eighteen nations together after one attempt season.

Djokovic says, "I think the date of the Davis Cup is really bad, especially for the best players."

And the last edition of the ATP Cup, the latest version of the World Team Cup "was abandoned after 2012, and the start of the season was restarted in Australia from January 2020, it will advance the ITF horizon. The horizon for the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, therefore, for the two rivals in the teams In comparative format, only six weeks have been set for separate contests.

"Davis Cup"

The more dangerous because the ATP has put an attractive amount (15 million) and points (up to 750) on the table, it is counted on Djokovic, Federer and others' very visible support.

On the side of ITF, in this delicate context, we play adaptation and pedagogy.

Its president, David Hagruti, repeated on Lil Thursday that his organization was "open to discuss", especially for a possible change to transfer to the calendar, where he "chose to do it in concert" with the world of "loneliness" and where it is appropriate.

He added that the ATP can also be "involved" in the Davis Cup 2.0, "Definition", saying more, the discussions are "in progress". And insisted that he was "the money for developing the next generation of players in the heart of this reform".

"Many players support Davis Cup, some do not want to play it, but we're confident," Hagruti said.

On the side of French players, we feel floating. If-Wilfrid Tsonga says, "It's not quiet, not very clear, yet not well established."

Like many French players, Pierre-Hughes Herbert now sees the essence of Davis Cup. "I think I'm playing the last, to find it in Madrid, outdoor sports at home, from insane atmosphere, make this competition, I'm not sure. It's a big success, but it's not Davis Cup."

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