Sunday , August 7 2022

Delay, cancelations: Train ticket was immediately revoked


The European Parliament voted on Thursday. This is to strengthen the rights of rail transport users Improved compensation for passengers When the train is delayed or canceled.

According to text approved by the Planary session of a large majority of members in Strasbourg, 50% of the delayed hour and 2% 100% refunded.

At the end of "unusual circumstances."

Most members referring to the "extraordinary circumstances" that railway companies could avoid their obligations were rejected by the Metro system. If this dubious term has been opened to every type of exemption that a refund is not permitted.

It is not in all the colors of the rulersDo not be afraid if you see their profits. "The European Parliament's position does not think about the issue, not just for the passengers of railways, but also for the railways to be affordable and passionate for passengers," the CER said.

Insured matches

Due to the delay in the train, the adopted text also gives the adopted text An automated communication will be established.

90% faster, cross-border, regional trains, and more than 80 million passengers in the European Union.

Now, at the biggest stations, Disabled people need to be automatically deployedNo need to warn in advance. About 3 hours a day from stations ranging from 10,000 to 2000 hours, 12 hours prior to commute with more than 2 hours.

A train will have at least 8 bikes.

What calendar is it?

Fasting 533 votes and 47 refusals were filed against 37 people. The Council of Representatives of 28 member states has not yet taken a stand.

Once the Council is accepted, representatives of the European Parliament, Members of the Nation and the European Commission – the source of this proposal Accepts the general version of the specific textEveryone should give it a green light.

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