Monday , August 2 2021

Eurovision Junior: French Angelina comes second

At the age of 12, she interpreted "never with you".

These 12 small dots played. On Sunday night, in the Eurovision Junior Finals, Angelina's youngest singer, rarely remained in the second position of the competition for 12 years. She is a Polish rookie who has won the social networks and her song "Any I Want".


It was last year's winners in Minsk, Russia, the sixteenth edition of the competition was held. Ukraine, Portugal, Kazakhstan, or Albania have succeeded one another before France and Angelina, the Voice Kids winner, the microphone.

She sang "Never With You", a song full of good feelings, "smile" and about glue.

203 points

This vote, which was partly online, with only one vote, gave it a total of 203 points. Parisian, Which says in the evening, "Changing the browser is capable of voting for a second time, then changing the screen a third time, then minimizing history ten times".

The last rival, Polish Roxas, was led by Angelina to the arrival of the rug. Operated in English by her English, she collected 215 points, which she needed to defeat French.

However, a great exhibition, which will allow young singers to give France the soft Blues of adult age, one day, maybe one day to follow its projects.

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