Friday , March 31 2023

"Everything is wrong": Wean bored at NRJ Music Awards


During the visit of RTL on November 17 and 18, do not hesitate to wrestle in the context of NRM Music Awards in the context of the show and programs.

Viany He does not speak wood. Re-launch the TV presented in his program program Eric Dorset And Jade The 27-year-old singer, RTL, has not heard about NRJ Music Award. Of course, the artist is not upholding the terms of the show, but refuses to publish animations.

"I was not there for four years, my first TVs, I have to ask to live, actually I can ask to play it, it's really hard to play right now because they are for fun at NRJ Music Awards, everything is nothing, nothing is wrong, everything is wrong, people really sing. Only behind them are fake music Orchestral bands "He lamented.

Viany In the backdrop of the TF1 show, the veil raised a particularly enormous atmosphere. "There are some good things, but some of the dressing rooms are smuggling cables, they are not all things happy … people are always leaving … (…) Because they're not early in the morning (…) The order of travel is very important and there are many battles , But serious (…) I hate these stories ", Interpreted Not there.

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