Friday , January 27 2023

Football – Mercato – PSG: Did it complete in 80?


PSGA has re-launched
Milyncov's runway by Lilanardo. But it's still there
Very expensive

Leonardo looks closely at what's going on in the championship
Italian Sally knows that she was still there in Milan
A few weeks and a PSG transfer market can be re-once
Look at Italy side.

Leonardo praised her

Leonardo has resumed the track of Milinkovic Savic
After several months, P.S.G. Contacts were already installed
Lajio Player Without Rome Without Any Contract In The Last Season
Can be found between two clubs. Leonardo relaunches this track.

It is quite expensive

Lazio Roma asks for much money from this figure
100 million euros are mentioned. But logically, PSG can do
The player has an amount of 80 million euros. although,
Should you put so much money on a player in this profile?

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