Tuesday , August 16 2022

Frederick Beegerberder – Radio


The station is about to stop the article from 2016. On Thursday, November 15, his performance was suddenly finished and his presence ended in the sky.

Dear listeners, dear listeners, you disappointed in hearing Frederick Beagerber's last message on ThursdayRadio France writes Francis Inter Laurence Block Director He agrees with himself in his weakness, and decides to stop the job because it does not have time to pay for it. The media ombudsman said Friday night.

Within a couple of months after the start of the third season, He made this clear on the morning of November 15. "I know what you say […] Freddy did not do anything, Freddie was too late ", Up to three minutes he was convinced, he confidently said: "I wrote a superb bright column […] But in a new box I lost at night at 3 o'clock. "

Just as the declaration of nadolagia decoden by ending a progressive intervention, "It was during the last period of Frederic Beagerber's. (See the column at the end of the article.)

In his reader, his writer had adopted the character of his party as an idle and play-free character. Screwing her dressing bell may sometimes laugh, that exercise – already in the past season – its limits. In his first column, on September 8, Frederick Beagbeberder declared: "It's a serious mistake to give me a weekly column! This is a ball that lost the bet, He commands you.

He replaces Comedian Chris Ecker instead. Now he gives a ticket Thursday with his former colleague.

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