Sunday , August 1 2021

Geneseo – file info – Derby's "Lien" favorites against Saint-ATN as per League 1

Leon Coach Bruno Gienseo said in a press conference on Thursday that OL was "favorites" in Derby at the group stadium (9 o'clock) in the match on 14th day of Lug 1 against Saint-ATN on Friday. Budget and a number of senior international "We are favorites but it is on the ground that we must show it. We have more international players than greens and bigger budgets," he said. "In Derby, facts of the game, strain, many things happen. We are favorites to visit this event and show on the ground that it's a very difficult match," the technician reminded, "Leon was present on big matches "" And it's a great match, it's the most exciting poster for us, this is the two biggest games to play in this season. For us Stefanosis, they are two separate seats. And this is the first match in the good series of matches.

LL will play in the Champions League on Saturday against Manchester City on Saturday, before going to Lil (2nd) on Saturday, December 1st. Saint-Etienne Coach Jean-Louis Gesset also recognized the superiority of Olympic lioness. Getset told a news conference on Wednesday that "it's not about making shattering statements but it's about getting the right place at the right time." "However, even if there is a shaky difference between the number of budgets or international between the two clubs, we will play this game completely and with our values," he said.

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