Wednesday , August 4 2021

Health: Salmonella caused Reblons to be removed from sale

In the Philippines, Haute-Savoy, the Fatageni de la Tarantette, after people have consumed salmonella infections, announced the complete rebalance and half of the Rebolance raw milk.

The company decided to recall the "Precautions to be withdrawn from sale and some of the Reblons as half and half radlance raw milk" made on its site.

This is a hygiene mark FR 74.128.050 EC And whose expiry dates are between 17 November and 16 December 2018.

All retail chains are concerned. In order to best respond to any questions from the customer, La Fortari La Tourne has made the following telephone numbers available 0800 94 01 64, from 8 to 19h.

The cheese factory recommends "those who will keep relevant products Do not use them And destroy them, or you can bring them back to the last time to return the money. "

Why do you want to be careful?

Generally the infected people complain Itching, diarrhea and fever in the stomach. After using contaminated food, these symptoms appear within 12 to 72 hours.
The Institute Pasteur explains that among elderly, infants or immunocompromised people, this infection may be serious or even deadly.

Salmonellosis is a disease that is caused by salmonella bacterium antobacteria. Most salmonella is contained in the spinal cord and is broadcast to humans mostly through contaminated food.

There are two main types of diseases in salmonellosis in human pathology: gastroenteritis and typhoid and paratidone fever.

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