Saturday , July 2 2022

His revelations about the Prophet – football


In the ESPN interview, Moabey spoke about his relationship with Neymar. If these two are good and better in the field, that is just a simple reason.

Edinson Cavani will unfortunately be testified: the connection between the atomic Neymar and the Kalilion embeb. So, the Uruguayan striker had to be let loose, and the occasional CMN two-columns.

But with Camille Moye and Neymar, when the pitch is improving, this is not because two people play the same football. Nowadays they speak the same language, which helps their exchange in the ground.

In his view, his progress in English will definitely encourage this fellowship. "We are now speaking good English, still in progress, explains Kilin Meppah, I speak better than ever, I can communicate, it facilitates our relationship", He explained in an interview with ESPN Brazil. The Portuguese in the former Monagaski have progress. "Brazilians did not teach me good words, I can not tell you what I have learned …"He added a smile

Kelianan Embebe confirmed that he had arrived at PSG and told him about his arrival. "He was in the club, and he asked me when I would come back?"He explained that there was no comparison with Pele. "I'm proud, but it's hard to compare with him because I do not think anyone can play anymore" Like Pele, there was only one but only one and only " He said.

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