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In Berlin, reserved for boys for singing


The judge has given cause to a reputable body in the discrimination case.

By Thomas Wieder Posted today at 10h33, updated at 10h55

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Berlin Cathedral, March 25, 2019.
Berlin Cathedral, March 25, 2019. Paul Zinken / AP

If her daughter was a boy, Susan Brooklyn probably wouldn't have gone to court. But now, their daughter is a girl, and the German lawyer felt that the reason could not be justified by the state masters' refusal to host the Berlin Cathedral (States-und Domchor Berlin). Her young guys, the kid in the middle of all the boys. The administrative court ruled Friday August 16th. And felt that the singer was in his favor, Article 5 of the Constitution ("Art, science, science, research and education are free") Here applies to Article ("Men and women are equal in rights").

For the mother, it is her child's gender – and not just her – that causes the problem. Proof? When she approached the famous singer established in the late XVE Century by Prince Frederick II of Brandenburg, to find out if his 9-year-old daughter could be united, the answer was hateful. "Your request could not be successful. No girl can sing in the choir."

"Art Freedom"

In front of the court, the organization's director, Kai-uwe Jirka, explained that things were more complicated. She pointed out that the audition of the girl was finally taken. That the jury found it very beautiful. But that stamp was not accepted with his singer.

Asked if the boy with the same stamp would be treated the same way, the director assured that yes, remembering that his% of candidates who wanted to join his party were rejected. But anatomical differences mean that boys, even before rumble, do not sound like girls, he insisted.

Does this mean that a girl has no chance of meeting the criteria that she is a singer of young boys, she then asked the judge. "Number" Responded to the director, but not without some type of exercise "Violence" Such as a high-level game, which he does not consider pedagogical.

The mother said that the songwriter received public money under the teaching of the Berlin University of the Arts. And it had a special responsibility in the fight against discrimination between the sexes. Not on the question of "freedom of art" guaranteed by the Constitution, however justice is considered.

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