Sunday , March 26 2023

IOS 13: Geolocation rules annoy publishers


Seven iOS app publishers get Tim Cook excited about changes to user geographies, iOS 13 InformationGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

In their letter, they underline that when an app asks its user what kind of geographical location they want to validate, the "always" option won't appear. We are entitled to "Allow when application is active", "Allow once" and "Cancel".

New default choices in iOS 13

This option of permanent geolocation has not disappeared, but you have to find it yourself in the privacy options specific to each application. A dive into iOS settings that these developers find unprofessional for users.

The editors in question are Tile, Arity, Life360, Zenly (from Snapchat), Zendrive, Twenty and Happen. They provide driver assistance services, their relatives' geographical location, luggage and other equipment, sharing their status and meeting with friends.

They fear that this change, which affects the working of their applications – by default there will be no regular geographic location – is perceived by their users as a flaw. They ask Tim Cook to apply a new method to validate this request in two phases.


This group also discusses the restrictions that will apply to the Pushkit API. This is for VoIP applications that need to be monitored for QL arrival. Because it allows background operations, it is sometimes used for geolocation purposes (read VoIP: API Pool will ban APIs and potential data siphoning through Facebook).

Only some apps are used, as Life360 points out, a kind of "find my friends" for their loved ones. The publisher accepts to change the primary function of this API when a user is required to detect an accident.

In addition, these publishers have noted that Apple Pal's own application "locket" does not require the user's permission to access its status when it competes with some of their applications.

Apple responded to that Information It puts privacy issues first and any hardware, software, or system-level changes were made. For the benefit of the user, for its privacy and to provide it with the best products and ecosystems in the world ".

However Apple has indicated that it is working with some of these signatures to find ways to change the way it is removed from its API required by this signage software. Click & # 39; & # 39; Located & # 39; & # 39; Speaking of the favorable rule enjoyed by the app, Apple Pull states that its other applications, which are distributed from the App Store and not installed by default with iOS, meet the same criteria as third-party applications.

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