Sunday , March 26 2023

Kidnapping, two accused robberies


They both believe that a sexual assault has beaten a man at the end of October.

Two suspected Hemodubian men, 30-year-old Zeni-Maritime, in a sexual assault case, are suspected of being assaulted by France, according to France Blue Normandy on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon the prosecution demanded.

Two murders, aged between 26 and 30, were held on Monday in the riot. They remain in jail for 15 years. One of them is already known to the police, especially theft. They are in police custody and they do not remember what will happen next night.

Roman * was suppressed and suppressed by the European billionaire. Hemophisticic abuse was reported during his attack. Last Saturday, a human chain designed to fight over homosexuality, made up of 800 people.

* Name has been changed

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