Tuesday , February 7 2023

Leticia Helede: Relaxed with Jade, Joey and Jean Reno at the Poud du Faw at noon!


Leticia Helede is with her children in France. The woman had a day at Pui du Faw and she was having fun.

Laticia Helide has been in France for many days. Tara had spent the day with her children and Jean Reno on Pui Du Fu!

Leticia Helide wants to leave her problems related to heritage of Johnny Helide to spend time in France. First, the woman supported her best friend, Helen Droz, for her new restaurant. Then, Later Disneyland became a day in Paris Finally go to Puerto du Fu with Jade and Joey. For this defense, your gene was able to count on Renault's existence.

Starlet and Gene Renault are good friends. Thus, two celebrities want to spend time together at Poue du Fu. Gene Renault is God's Godfather and is part of the family. That's why the actor is close to Johnny Helide's children. Tollyar's widow shared some photos and videos on her family's social networks. Thus, in some photos, we find with John Renault Joy and Jade!

Lotisia Haley is seen with Jean Renault at Pue Du Fou

Visitors' casualties are casual outfits and later Pui do Fouou almost does not pay any attention to its sunglasses. You can see it in the arena to see the show. In this way, at the end of the show, as well as the latexia helly The actor took a picture with the whole army. The woman looks in a bigger shape and she smiles on the pictures.

Leticia Helede: Relaxed with Jade, Joey and Jean Reno at the Poud du Faw at noon!

However, this is not the only day where we can see Jean Renault with Leticia Halide, Joey and Jade. The 70-year-old actor took part in Disneyland Paris and the opening of Helen Droz's restaurant. Finally, after surviving this in France, Holidays are just starting out for Jade and Joy. Two girls and their mothers for the West Indies will soon go away.