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Lorraine Area | Brongo-Neomo-use: Great East influenced this


Lung disease-resistant lung disease (CRDD) affects about 8% of the population or 3.5 million patients. The Great East is especially notable, after Hautes-de-France, the Bronchy, which affects the lungs and is the most affected area. "Moselle is the French Department for the highest death toll at BCPO in 2001-2013, with 20.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants." Regional health project Grant Estate 2018 -2027 made it a public health priority. Every year in France, 18,000 people die.

In 90% of cases, tobacco use is responsible for the disease. Other risk factors (iron, steel industry, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.) and genetic causes include: "The risk of pollution of the atmospheric powder, especially inaccurate pollution," explains DR ANSAIA GILLOMOT, PULMOLOGIST IN NANCY UNIVERSITY CENTER

Often there were symptoms

21st November, CRD World day awareness of the disease in general. It is gradually shrinking and shrinking. Hence the importance of early diagnosis. Before the stroke, the CGD The first symptoms of D, encrypted, often exhausted, dR Ann Gillamot. But "daily counts or repetitive bronchitis" are the smallest ingredient and are advised not to seek consulting. Remember the main dangers of lung infection: the lungs in the lungs.

Breath volume

Screening for the COPD includes a breath test. There are three types of treatments: Course of Smoking; Treatment of drugs with bronchodilators to reduce the symptoms of symptoms and improve the patient's standard of living; Lung rehabilitation measures to improve exercise performance, "essential care modules", DR Ann Gillamot.

Nancy Pulmonology argues that the disease is the role of physical activity in the management and preventive measures.

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