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Love Meadow is in 2018: Amyric's couple, Patrice and Sylvie's friends live


Time is in the Balance Sheet for Farmers Love 2018 is in the meadow (M6)! On Monday, November 19, some of them gave their news. Aude pregnant Christopher appeared, Jacques introduced her new girlfriend, such as Thomas who was in love with a certain gentleman. DNA, Aurelia and the theory were always taking heart. On Monday, November 26th, Karine went to meet Le Monde Raul, Patrice, Vincent, Jean Claude, Eric (Det Rico), Amery, Guy and Samuel.

Raúl and Lettiya love more than that

Raul had only one woman in his head and stayed with him in the field. It was in Lettia. Together, everything went fast, the farmer met his mother-in-law and both of them raised the idea of ​​moving forward. Surprisingly, they come together on the balance sheet. Two Lovebirds declares that they have settled for a less than five months after their first meeting a month before shooting the balance sheet. Then Lettiia and her two sisters went to Raul's farm. Next step? Found a family! Letitiia says that she wants to fulfill one last dream, she would become a mother … but not now. On the other hand, Raul seems reluctant when it comes to marriage. "But I do not close the door"In a nutshell, lovers spread love in full.

Big Projects with Vissant, Pascale

Between Vincent and Pasquale it was love at first sight. There is a little cheat to meet fans, they have been inseparable with each other on their first day and they have seen many times from the camera. Obviously, they present themselves together with a program fasetter. And it's always consistent that they welcome Karine Le March. But where are they today? Lovers plan to settle together very soon. But it's not everything: Pascal's contract is ending and she will work with Vincent on the farm. Very modest, peasant and its beautiful late kiss face camera. A nice proof of Vincent and Pascal's love, which seems happier than ever.

Guy and Eric are still single

The farmer soon found himself alone. Francesin, who was very adventurous, was invited to return home and Montessrett did not want to stay home from home. A departure that made him wonder because he understood that he could not think of romance with his contenders. Coping with Karen Le Marcand, Guy expressed regret, that does not invite more challengers during the time of motion. A charter-catcher says that he plans to contact Montserrat again to become a friend. Always against the host, the guy announced that the phone number was given to Francis, with which he exchanged several messages and calls. The claimant then thought that she was privileged and got some ease with the guy. What is unhappy with the farmer … If the guy did not love, he at least saw a friend in Vincent's friend, with whom he joined during the assessment.

The tender Rico, who cracked on Rosanna, was very disappointed when she explained to him that only one would "Great love"And"Friendship"For them, if the candidate has declared in the press that his claimant would enter the entrepreneur a few hours later and invite him to his house." During the evaluation, Eric explains that he has to take his time. He wanted to save himself so that he would not be disappointed again and finally did not return to Rossana's venture, Eric was patient and Eric, like the guy, is now waiting for what he knows to fill it every day.

Got love for a man

The charming fir-tree and the beekeeper came near sweet Lucy, but the beautiful Saturn said that it needed time. However, it was agreed that both the Bordeaux regions are found at home. A suite that we liked to watch but which has never been broadcast. A football fan explains that the outside camera, Lucy adjusted a small party to represent her friends. Then, two love friends spent the night together, tender kisses. After a few lazy days, they were in touch with the phone and promised to see each other again. Except, before their reunion, Lucy did not believe anything … Today, she is not beautiful … and found. Actually, Carin Le Marcund states that the beautiful Amicus is not going to take heart now. However, it is important to wait for emissions What have they become? To find out more.

Patrice and Sylvie, the story of friendship

Candidate and sweet silva are made for one another. If these two independent characters did not have the courage to go against the camera, the desire to take a step was great. Today they are facing Carin Le March. Sylvie has not expressed any feeling of love for Patrice. For its part, the farmer feels a little more connected. However, both of them explain that they are just friends … It is important to say that Sylvia does not know what he thinks: Patrice continues to respond to her claimants and invited Brigitte to the festival of Pelery. At the time, Brigitte gave Sylvie a humorous reflection … Although she is not in relation to her contenders, Patrice has earned something: trust in her

In relation to Jean-Claude Chetan

With Chantal, the breeder found shoes on his feet. A very discreet couple also remained a friendly investment in Spain, in Toledo. The only shadow is the idea of ​​being 250 kilometers from each other. During the evaluation, Jean-Claude is alone. But that does not mean that she is alone! Actually, Chantal is absent because he went to his family in Martinique. Besides, among them, everything runs the best. Most of the time, Chinal visits Jean Claude. For his part, the farmer has gone twice in his beautiful, Martinique. In addition, Jean Claude met Chantal's 15-year-old son, and among the present, he seems to have passed well. For that time, the commercial mode of Chantal does not let him permanently settle on the farm. Then lovers work with the distance, hope quickly finds a solution.

It's all good that everyone ends up (almost) good. Remember, a farmer is missing. Samuel, 41-year-old dairy farmer did not give any news.

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