Monday , March 27 2023

"Lynching," says Indre FDSEA president


A test published Friday by the animal welfare association L214 responds to farmers. The chairman of the county association of farmers told this Saturday morning on the French Blue Berry microphone.

"Cautious, people who have no easy job" – Philippe Demiot, president of FDSEA

Philippe Demiot showed himself against the methods of L214: "Lynching. I'm very nervous to use "shocks" for the general public. Behind these pictures men work. They are doing hard work."

Philippe Demiot acknowledges that "surely there are things that will improve on this slaughterhouse"but this"it's not like this lessons who show the so-called who makes things. These people working on slaughterhouses are somehow trying to pull their bark. I do not think they will be happy for the animals."

"It will seriously damage the industry in Indre" – Philippe Demiot, president of FDSEA

Finally, Philippe Demiot is concerned about the implications of this case for the Indian sector: "This is still causing great damage to livestock farming in Indre. I remind you that our livestock represents most of the value added in our class.".

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