Wednesday , August 4 2021

Marine Lourlin, Miss France 2013, attacks a knife, causing her to suffer

In an excerpt Robinson Adventure Presented before its broadcast on December 14, former Miss France surrenders to Vincent Lagf. The 25-year-old, in particular, repeats the incident that affected her and her grandson early in the year.

On December 14, Marine Lorpalin and Vincent Lagf will run on ships by sailing on TF1. Lu Duco spent five days on the desert island to shoot the next episode Robinson Adventure. Only on the Fiji archipelago, it was time to establish the relation of complexity in TV host and Miss France 2013. 20 minutes Was able to see an excerpt from the show. Talked to Marine Lerlin with the presenter Just the price At the beginning of the year in León he had a knife attack.

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"She was very violent," she said. On January 1, when he was traveling on the street, a former Miss France and his companion, a fan suffering from psychological disorders, threw on white weapons in hand. Today's internal medicine, Marine Lorpallin, is targeted harder by this incident and is said to be constantly "protector" by returning home the night.

"I never responded to the interview on this topic because I did not find it necessary and I did not want to make a buzz around it," the woman said that she was put on trustworthy by Vincent Lang '. "We shared the good experiences of our various courses, such as disappointments or things with deeper or more difficult. I thought that getting out and getting a message could be nice – because the attack happens to everyone – and to young women, "Be careful, do not be naive, he's not all pink," he added.

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