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Minelli and the stars are 90 years old love story


The famous mouse of Walt Disney celebrates this Sunday 90th birthday. Mackie encouraged children all over the world.

On November 18, 1928, Mitta Rock Disney and Ub Iversky were not mesmerizing the first show of "Steamboat Willie".

Prior to a magazine magazine for a magazine in France in France in 1930 (appearing in a comic comics in January 1930): In 1934, a magazine was presented in France: it's always a lazy journal. In France, there are 97,000 copies (1.3 million readers per day) in children's media.

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His readers were surprised by the year-long anniversary of the birthday celebrations of Mickey's Diary and his sister publications such as Jean Mike Parade, Mackie Jr. and My First Mickey Dairy. The first special edition of 270 pages in the spring will end after a collection of 420 pages printed on 100,000 copies.

The book, which aims to get a professional message with the children, takes special interest in children. "Returning to childhood" is particularly helpful to the fans of Disney fans in France. Mickey's Diary's chief editor, Idiot Ruben.

In the Nagath section of the Collector's edition, Floyd Gotfeldson, a style referenced by Walt Disney's Mickey for more than 30 years, is their style. He invented "black sickness", one of Michael's stunning enemies.

In contemporary works, a poem is full of poetry in the desert.

Why do stories of the little mouse come to the generation?

Walt Disney's prominence is based on the attention of innovative (cinema, amusement parks, sub-products …), with a number of characters (with Mickey, Pluto, Dingo), a search engine who solves mysteries or a team of adventurer who explores the mystery.

But more often than not, "We are always in good spirits, we're always going back to McKee, a lot of things without much harm," she says.

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