Monday , August 2 2021

News | Grand Forum of Health in Marseille: 5:30 pm on a Cardiovascular Disease Conference

By Hazor Laurereque and Lucy Mondan

Cardiovascular diseases today represent the second leading cause of death in France and cause 400 deaths every day. Want to know more about your heart and want to know how to save it? This is the mission of the big conference which starts at 5:30 in the Timon School of Medicine at Marseille.

Dr. LCI-TF 1 Under the guidance of Gerald Kiris, Emergency Physician and Chronicle, she will bring together Professor Jean-Claude Dehiro, Cardiology in Timon, head of cardiovascular surgery department of Fannie Agoer, Professor Frederick Collaret, Director and Industry Adventure, The School of Life, Paris, and The former Godfather of Stefan Diag's, 400th world champion and "Parkour du Cauer"

Free and open to all, this major conference will bring together health professionals and health-related actors, publish heart diseases and allow you to improve your knowledge.

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