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Nicholas Sarkozy's son's new juicy business


Nicholas Sarkozy may be proud of his sons! The oldest Pier, 33, is a French rap and hip-hop producer, who is known under the masonry nickname. Her younger brother, Jean, happily followed her 32-year-old father and entered politics. Jean Sarkozy is a member of the Republican political party, but he was also a general advisor to the New Zealand-Sur-Seine-South Hautes-de-Seine Canton.

Luis takes another path
Today, Louis is a little shorter than his half-brother to commercially shine. Nicholas Sarkozy and the son of Cecilia Atiaasas have decided to shine in this fashion as they started their own luxury Moccasins brand. Grown up by his mother in New York, the young person got the chance to study at the best schools. Inspired by philosophy, history, and literature, Luis has brought a special DNA in the shoe market, because each pair has great numbers of the above mentioned fields, such as Sigmund Freud, Thomas Jefferson or William Shakespeare.

A star in Spain
Robbed Sarkozy's label "Enigma Collection" is dubbed, giving hand-made moccasins and making in Spain. For the realization of the shoes, the young person has also teamed up with the Spanish shoe brand Boopper. Calculate around 300 € to get a model.

A partnership that honored him today and covers Spanish national daily "El Mundo" supplement "Fuera di Serie" magazine.

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