Thursday , September 16 2021

Nike looks for sneakers on a subscription

The group offers parents of young children up to 12 pairs a year to buy three different formulas.

Nike makes kids eyes sweet. The American brand has just launched the Nike Adventure Club, a subscription system aimed at parents of young children. Three formulas are available, from 20d for four pairs a month to 50d for twelve pairs – a formula that may be of interest to families with many children ages 2 to 10 (the target age group for this offer).

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The group's main idea is to "serve its customers", parents tired of running the shops while their toddlers' feet grow so fast. They will have a choice between Nike or Converse models. The group plans to attract its customers, including the return of many shrubs. Those who wish can return the brand to them, who will be responsible for giving or recycling, depending on their condition.

Service reserved for American consumers

For a ready-to-wear group, this is a great way to increase customer loyalty. She offers him a service: Free delivery of selected pairs, all in the box in the name of a baby. In turn, Nike is certain that the consumer will not participate in the next size change.

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The fashion world has been around for many years looking at the economic model of ready-to-wear and subscription. Repeating costs is a great way to ease the ambiguities of consumption. Creating privileged links with customers is also a way to better identify and, therefore, offer them more targeted products.

For the moment, this service is reserved for American consumers. But if the formula works, Nike will have the flexibility to set it up in other countries or provide similar formulas for larger product lines.

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