Tuesday , August 16 2022

Oakier handles tannak in the control of Australia


In the second leg of Australia's second leg, Om Thanak won the race with a German-Mati Lattu. If Finn told me if he had been prepared to stand in front of the team, Estonia would have taken a quick pace. Toyota needs just enough to get a double goal. Manufacturers against Hyundai.

Korean builder is mainly dependent on Hayden Paddon, now provincial podium is 10 seconds for fin. New Zealand dominated the poor performance of Mads Austur (Citroen). SPTech Lappi (Toyota) fell to number four. But Norway took the lead in the stage.

Sebastian OGier (M-Sport) team has been ranked sixth behind Evan Ivan. Despite the success of a single tank, a six-point lead French that protects him from French bonus points.

Thierry Newville (Hundai) is the most difficult Tawazi position, followed by a poor ranking in Belgium on the eighth position. Belgium, Terry Sunenen (M-Sport) and Craig Brian (Citroen). In the morning, it fell to the eighth position. Rail Special (SS12).

The second leg of the NSW Super Space will end at 1.27km. The Paris time is at 6:37.

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