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OL | Ole – Clash: Pfrere Mens Rafael's Great Defeat!

Foot – Oll

B.C. Posted on November 25, 2018 at 0h00.

After receiving his red card against the ASSE, was criticized by Pierre Mans, Rafael did not support the reporter's canal and reported it to his Twitter account.

" In football, we tackle "Rafael is convinced that he spoke Friday after Lyon's victory on Friday eveningASSE. Done out after a dangerous move Yann M & # 39; VilaBrazilian still does not understand the decision of Mr Gautier And sure to not touch Stephennice. " If I kicked them for every game, then it's finished. I've watched ten videos since then. For me, if you look at the camera later, that person does not even get stuck on the ball. "He guaranteed the statement Team. A mad exit for Stone Menace Who hit his account Twitter. " Just for her stupidity, I will bring her to two more games From the journalist wrote Channel +, And did not please the player of itOL.

"You will have plenty of time for me on a Sunday"

In his account Twitter, Right sideOlympic lionis It has actually shown that he was not only on the lawn of League1 that he tried to solve the problem and answered it. Canal football club. " Looking at the pictures quietly was my weapon, but without any bad intent and I was far from the player. On the other hand if the journalist picks up every time she says stupid, it is fine, you will have enough time to ferry me on Sundays Drop Rafael. Now we are waiting for the answer Stone Menace.

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