Friday , June 18 2021

PSG: Rubyot, Veratti, Mercuto … Laurent Blanc Club and personal life

PSG's former coach Laurent Blanc, Francis Faulkels has come in his personal circumstances and in the Parisian club columns.

Without a club for more than two years, when the lightning Blanc PSG is leaving, it's getting worrying to find a new challenge. Francis Soccer, World 98. World Player of the Year, just as he wants to close today, has realized that he wants to cut down for a while. " If there was no club, it did not last long. I can not predict anything in this business (…) For three years in a bigger club and a short for a club, I now have a poor performance (I'll be back soon). I had beautiful clubs offers (…) train, I'm happy! (…) PSG, it affects you! I thought that one or two years of rest would give me the energy I needed to deal with the challenge. At that point I was not clear (…) I was waiting for a good project, with a club. "

Moreover, a man who was very sensitive about PSG overturned this issue. The quest for the Champions League is far worse than finding whites. " He could not grasp the significance of the best European level. Although we are in eighth position in 2016, the game is very moving. There are the leading European clubs in the world. Thirty forty is the best quality in fifty years. Strong clubs, club culture, experience, and influence in Paris … These are made in the long run and are not available (…) Success is not planned. This is football's cham. "

Finally, when the former Paris coach told him two players, Adrian Reebiot and Marcy Veraty had no shortage of words. " I did not expect their evolution. These two players are considered to be in midfield. Here, Paris, for a while, has to some extent, can not tell you the problems. Adrien, unfortunately, everything is unclear at home. This child has everything to win. Now, because of the lack of all the goods he has. But let me go away from you to judge him. I love him very much. (…) Variety will not change in the contest for two or three years. "

Julian Pedabos

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