Wednesday , September 28 2022

Reclaimed Paris Stock Exchange Released from the Weapon of US Elections – Indices and Share


The CSP 40 index rose 62.75 points to 5,137.94 points. The average trade value is € 3.4 billion. Just 0.51% before. The Parisian shore opened up at a slight height and gradually increased its gains.

"The result of the US election has been welcomed," said AFP Daniel Larrouturou, managing director of Diamond Blue Management.

"The separation of powers can limit Donald Trump's expenditure, and these low-financing clean-up policies can also be accompanied by a limited control policy.

This leads to "a restructuring that covers only values."

Democrats have offered 30 seats to Republican candidates in the 206 republics. The New York Times reports that it will win 229 seats. In the Senate, the Republican majority will rise to 53 from 100 to 53. But all the results were not declared on Wednesday.

"The Church's control is that the Democrats should be able to prevent all acts of the Republican Trump, but" no return to economic discipline, "said chief economic expert Robboo.

In the opinion that "the tax department's discipline is not interested in the democrats," the "middle classes have general ideas about tax concessions and the need to reconstruct them." US Infrastructure.

German production and production growth was up 0.2% in September.

Consumer credits are also visible in the United States in the same month.

The US Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve) will begin on Wednesday.

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In front of the values, there have been many business results for investors to consume.

The Sensex was down 7.74 per cent to € 1.91 a barrel. Even though the group lost a total loss in the third quarter, the presentation of strategic plans for cutting 500 employees was rebuilt by investors' concerns.

M6 losses range from 3.04% to € 16.90, while reducing profits in the third quarter, in the context of such revenue, is steady at that time.

Hermas sold from 0.36% to € 501. In the third quarter, the luxury group grew by 9.4 per cent. This is a luxury car in the future.

Credit Agriolls saw a loss of 0.83 per cent. The bank's net profit rose 3.2 percent in the third quarter of the current financial year.

The Belgian accounted for a fall in the nuclear liability, but the AGB's annual target was fixed at 12.45 per cent from 12.54 per cent. However, there are its total operator (Ebitda).

The AXGA price rose by 1.05 per cent to € 22.24. The insurance company's turnover rose in France a little bit over the first nine months of the year, making commercial trade well in Europe.

Veolia rose 2.81% from 18.45 euros, the first nine months of the year and the strong growth benefit.

Eiffage, 2.41%, and 89.24 euros. The turnover in the third quarter is due to the growth of manufacturing industry.

Viktor's loss was 2.63% at € 45.18. The economic climate in Turkey declined by 1.1 per cent in the third quarter.

LNA Sante (The Noble Age) 6.8% Gain The annual results predicted for euro 48.90 euros, its performance in the third quarter ambuland care

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