Saturday , June 10 2023

Roberto Alaganna: Loren Rougeier defames his wife Alexandra


Roberto Alagarna never forgot about her passes We are telling lies In a French-Italian Fanzar, his wife, along with Polish Sooprano Alexandr Kursk, shared 55-year-old Franco-Italian relationship. They talked about the love of their first album, the cat. At the start of the interview, hostel Laurent Ruquier made a statement that did not make it really nude and beautiful for 41 years.

Initially, parents (4 years old) in Malana spoke about a number of plans at Philhornoni, London. The 55-year-old host reminded him that it was not the first time Roberto Alagana met directly with one of his writings. "Every time you go to London stop going to London."Laurent Ruqvir said, immediately after he said that he was not able to breathe, it was too late, Aleksandra Kursak really appreciated this intervention and came to know about it:"It's too bad to ask now. Complimentary Survey"

This does not stop the lottery router regularly: "Former singer [la soprano roumaine Angela Gheorghiu, NDLR]You met her in London too."Alexander replied he wanted to meet him"And many more"But she liked to change this topic." The director of the casting department has asked Roberto Alagana not to replace Sopan as he does not want to change his wife again.I am old and I'm tired", Then Ornello's father (from his previous union with his former wife Florentras) ended.

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